“hello world” – my inaugural post

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Welcome to foodiePrints!!!



My name is Don. I am the owner, primary contributor, and one of the founding members of foodiePrints.

foodiePrints is a blog that my better half and I put together to provide an outlet for my obsession with food.

Your host is a foodie. I love all things food from shopping for exotic ingredients to exploring foreign and domestic cuisines and cobbling together my take on various recipes in my meager kitchen. Please note that I am not a chef. I am not a cook. I have no formal training. I just feel that after eating for a couple decades, it is high time I learn a few things about the food I eat and develop my palate to better enjoy my growing list of favourite dishes.



During the day, I work as a mild mannered IT professional in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. I happen to adore just about everything information technology afflicted. It was my first obsession. I hope my industry continues to build the tools with which everyone can share his or her cultural richness. Since I practice what I preach, I chose to let IT be the medium for sharing aspects of my personal experience with the rest of the world. Since, I spend most of my off-time thinking about things like how the perfect fish and chips should be, foodiePrints was born.



foodiePrints’ inner circle includes Jenn, my better half. She is the editor of foodiePrints. She is the reason I learned to cook.

There is also Mademoiselle Ling and Abby. These two very forgiving people were amongst my first guests at the dinner table when I really started looking at food with interest and decided to try my hand at making it myself.

Be it food-related or just food-for-thought, we hope you find something tasty here.

To contact me, drop me an e-mail at blogATfoodieprintsDOTcom.

Note 1: Regarding comments, until I get a grip on the software back-end of foodiePrints, I am not going to open up comments to the general public. Besides, the “blogger’s code of conduct” has again disappeared in the fray. Until it re-surfaces, comments are only permitted for members. The member list is tightly controlled at the moment. This will change in the near future.

Note 2: To all the eatery owners who find me with my powder blue digital camera in hand, thank-you for letting me take pictures. If I am taking pictures, there is most likely nothing wrong. Think of me providing you with free advertisement.

Note 3: The missingnotesDOTorg domain is a residue of my time in University. As one of the first students to take a laptop to the lecture hall, I was always asked to share my notes, so I bought a domain name and started tinkering with web-pages. As it turns out, I would later switch the focus of my education and go into computer science. Life is sure full of surprises.

Note 4: The avatars were created at sp-studio.de.

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