Steak ‘n Eggs Baby!

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Rib Steak, Eggs, and Tomatoes

Rib Steak, Eggs, and Tomatoes

This morning, I decided to take coffee with some of my former colleagues and their current co-workers. We meet every so often over coffee to discuss everything from sports to politics. Technology tends to come up up. So too, does food and the eateries we’ve visited.

Today, someone brought up Cora’s, a large chain Canadian restaurant that specializes in breakfast. Apparently, a new Cora’s opened in Nepean across from the Lincoln Fields mall on Richmond Road. Everyone agreed that the success of Cora’s had much to do with the restaurant choosing one thing to do and doing it extremely well. The conversation then turned to a breakfast dish that was originally missing from Cora’s menu: steak and eggs.

Steak and eggs is the more the subject of this entry than coffee or Cora’s. It represents culinary excess and was once the meal of choice for athletes. Indeed, pairing two very large servings of protein on one plate is very passé in modern cookery, especially after the fallout from the questionably conceived all-protein Atkin’s diet. However, sometimes revisiting classic dishes can be rewarding. Such was the case when my better half came home with a pair of prime rib steaks early one evening.

We took the steaks, seasoned them liberally with salt and pepper and seared them at med-high heat in a ripping hot cast iron skillet for 2 minutes on each side. Then, we placed them into an oven preheated to 400°F for 4 minutes. Finally, we rested them on a cake rack and covered them with alluminium foil. The result was medium rare goodness bordering on greatness.

We plated the steaks with scrambled eggs and some gently stewed tomatoes. Essentially, we quartered vine ripened tomatoes, gently seasoned them, and placed them into a pan with olive oil to cook slightly. Everything was plated warm.

The combination of steak and eggs was an indulgence. The peppery steak, soft eggs, and tart tomatoes worked surprisingly well. Though, partaking of this meal filled us to the point of lethargy. Happily, I had but to roll myself in the direction of the couch and momentum from my perceived increased mass got me the rest of the way. How hockey players got through three periods after scarfing down a plate of steak and eggs is beyond me.

I shall close this entry with reference to the Stanley cup playoffs. Go Habs! Bring the cup home!

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