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CheapEats in Ottawa and $10 lunch at Sushi Umi – updated

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Sometime after yesterday’s workday ended, I noticed that the twitter account belonging to the former CJOH, Ottawa’s local branch of CTV, was asking for suggestions for cheap places to eat in town.

ctvottawa Jun 16, 12:57 PM
CTV Ottawa is looking for cheap places to eat. We’ll share our findings tonight at 6. Share your tips now!

ctvottawa Jun 16, 02:52 PM
Now, you can recommend your top choices for cheap eats to other viewers on our website… www.ctvottawa.ca. We’ll have a full report at 6.

I quickly cobbled together an e-mail and submitted a handful of mine, including establishment names, addresses, what to buy, and links to the corresponding blog post on foodiePrints.

Several hours later, I discovered the e-mail had been posted verbatim to the CTVOttawa website. Here’s a screen capture for posterity:

foodiePrint on CTV

foodiePrint on CTV

Today, I was sent a note of thanks for my suggestions.

ctvottawa Jun 17, 10:37 AM
@foodiePrints Yes! Thank you for your suggestions!

Personally, I think it’s pretty cool to have links to foodiePrints on one of the city’s news station’s websites.

Hopefully, CTVOttawa will get more suggestions. I have another. Sushi Umi on Wellington Street has started serving a $10 lunch special that runs from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. It isn’t restricted to weekdays either as my better half and I discovered on Sunday.

The special changes from week to week. Here is the one we caught:

Lunch Special Signage

Lunch Special Signage

Consisting of 6 classic California roll pieces, galbi, salad with sesame dressing, 2 gyozas (fried dumplings), and a small mound of rice, the special is a great value.

Here’s what it looks like served:

Lunch Special

Lunch Special



The galbi, also known to be spelled kalbi, is actually the name of a traditional Korean barbecue dish, consisting of one short rib whose meat is sliced into a long ribbon. When ordering it in a Japanese restaurant, the dish consists of cross cut short ribs that are glazed with a teriyaki sauce on a flat top or grill. Having had both, I can tell you they are markedly different, but both, enjoyable dishes.

What I was served was a bento box, containing freshly steamed Japanese rice (soft and sticky), a fresh salad with a great sesame citrus dressing, two freshly fried pork gyozas (more than likely made in-house), 6 beautifully made classic California rolls (sprinkled with black sesame seeds), and a pile of short ribs. Everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed the substitution of dark sesame seeds over light with my Cali rolls. They looked great and tasted just slightly of caramel.

That said, the lunch special is very filling.

Since Jenn generally dislikes maki or nigiri sushi, she ordered something off the menu: a fried udon noodle dish.

Fried Udon Dish

Fried Udon Dish

It came out beautifully. The chicken was wonderfully cooked, tender and sweetly sauced. The vegetables, crunchy, but not raw. The noodles, not very oily. The shrimp, tender and tasty. She thoroughly enjoyed her meal.

Along with her dish, she also ordered a tempura appetizer



I found it greasy, but otherwise crispy and well done. It consisted of 2 shrimp, one onion ring, one piece of zucchini, and 4 slices of sweet potato.

Since Jenn insisted on buying, I have no idea how much her noodle dish or appetizer cost.

Mine: $10 before taxes or tip.

I should note that during our meal, one of the cooks from the Ottawa Bagel Shop, next door, dropped by for a “special” to go. He seemed like a regular, greeting the chef/owner warmly. Perhaps the special is a good deal to someone working in the culinary industry as well.

Update: Here’s a pic of Sushi Umi’s sidewalk sandwich board, advertising an earlier week’s $10 lunch at Sushi Umi

Another $10 Lunch Special

Another $10 Lunch Special

Sushi Umi
1311 Wellington Street W.

Sushi Umi on Urbanspoon

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Restauranteurs and chefs beware, the foodieprinter is gathering quite a following. Pretty soon he will control the appetites and eating habits of the entire city ;) Congrats on the major media nod.

I would have had the Udon noodle also. It looks good even though it probably wasn't meant to be photogenic.

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