Premiere of Caroline & Dave: Realities of the Journey to Zen Kitchen

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I am afraid this blog entry is going to be another linker to a piece I wrote for Ottawa Tonite, a great online community that aims to promote arts and culture in Ottawa. For those of you who do no know, we at foodiePrints are members of Ottawa Tonite’s team of volunteer bloggers.

When I realized that the piece I was drafting about the premiere of W-Network’s Caroline & Dave involved more than food, television and showcasing an innovative restaurant idea in Ottawa, I decided to post it to Ottawa Tonite.

Here is a screen capture for posterity:

Zen Kitchen foodiePrint on Ottawa Tonite

Zen Kitchen foodiePrint on Ottawa Tonite

I had great fun at the sponsored premiere, organized by Ian Capstick (@iancapstick) of MediaStyle. He arranged for both traditional and new media to attend the event, local food bloggers.

Here are links to other write-ups on the Caroline and Dave premiere from other food bloggers who attended:

It was an absolute pleasure to meet each blogger. As Jessica points out in her piece, while perfect strangers, it felt like we were already familiar with each other.

In preparation for the event, I discovered that I know far too little about vegetarian cuisine, let alone vegan. With the Adventures of Caroline & Dave culminating in Ottawa’s first fine food vegan restaurant called Zen Kitchen, I asked the food community on Twitter for noted tomes to add to my collection. The response was tremendous. A chef (Chef Victoria Elsberry), food bloggers (Leela of SheShimmers and Sarah of What Smells So Good?), and Ottawa residents (@themagicfridge, @refashionista, @smart_spaces and @snobiwan) chimed in.

There were 3 mentions of Mollie Katzen (@MollieKatzen) and the Moosewood Series of cook books. One particular cook book was listed, Vegetable Dishes I can’t Live Without.

There were 2 mentions of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Vegan With a Vengeance: 125 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free, Logo-Free Recipes That Rock and Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook.

There were two mentions of Deborah Madison. One particular cook book was listed, Greens Cookbook.

Other mentioned must-have Vegetarian/Vegan cook books:

Other mentioned noted cook book authors:

  • Martha Rose Shulman
  • Madhur Jaffrey

From the tweets I received, it looks like I have some searching to do in new and used book stores.

Speaking of cook books, at the Caroline & Dave premiere, I met Michael Bhardwaj of CBC Radio 1, host of In Town and Out. He will be airing regular segments, reviewing cook books. To Bhardwaj, I look forward to the reviews. Please say hi to Amrita Singh for me. And, can you ask the publishers when they will pursue Chef Ishii (Caroline of Caroline & Dave) of Zen Kitchen for a cook book?

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