Candwiches? Seriously?!

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During the summer afternoons, I like to catch up on my reading. Sometimes, I find myself reading silly, yet addictive books from the Twilight series to Archie comics. Sometimes, I curl up with non-fiction, usually involving modern history. I’m also quite the news addict, grazing on pieces from Canadian and international media sources. However, just when I think I’ve seen it all (and believe me, as a teacher, I often see and hear plenty of very strange things), along comes something incredibly shocking.

I was left speechless.

Now, I understand very busy people make up the modern world. Some of us have families. Others, don’t. We all have to juggle our obligations and struggle to find a work-life balance. Often times, life leaves us scrambling to put together our meals. We find ourselves purchasing ready-made meals to go. We heat up frozen dinners or open canned soups. We visit drive-through windows at fast food restaurants, ordering take-out. We have food delivered. I have no problem admitting Don and I have done all of the above. Though, some more seldom than others. But, what is the pursuit of convenience driving us to?

Presenting the latest innovation in food

Candwich - Sandwiches in cans!

Candwich – Sandwiches in cans!

According to NBC’s TODAY show, Candwiches are all the rage. In fact, they have even been featured on a recent “The Colbert Report” episode.

Mark Kirkland (hopefully no relation to the CostCo brand) is the inventor. He has dedicated more than a decade of his life to perfecting this concept: a sandwich in a can.

Personally, I’ve never eaten a sandwich that came from a can. Would I ever eat one? I’m not sure, maybe if Don dared me too, but then he would have to eat one too and we are talking catastrophic disaster situations here…

Still, one has to wonder about the canned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Is it really worth the time savings to open a can than make your own?

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