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On the last Wednesday of July, the Hintonburg Supper Club held its most recent dinner event at Credible Edibles (78 Hinton Avenue North). Credible Edibles is a bit of a hidden treasure in Hintonburg. Located away from the busy streets of Holland Ave. and Wellington Street W., it sits on a quiet side street, charming passerby’s with its unique patio and mouth-watering foods.

Normally, Credible Edibles is only open from Tuesdays to Fridays during lunch hour and late morning to early afternoon on Saturdays. But, an exception was made and the Hintonburg Supper Club was given a warm welcome with many of its members trying the eatery for the first time.

Credible Edibles strives to serve nutritious and delicious foods while remaining environmentally conscious. As a proud member of Savour Ottawa (recently accredited), Chef/owner/founder Judi Varga-Toth buys as much as possible from local producers, including produce from Rochon Farms, eggs from Bekings’ poultry farm, and poultry from Lyons Family Turkey Farm.

That evening, a table d’hote menu was created for the night’s event. On the menu was a selection of three meal choices, something for the vegetarian, the vegan, and the carnivore.

The Vegetarian’s Delight

  • Chilled gazpacho soup with local fresh herbs
  • Spanakopitas (Greek-style spinach and ricotta in flaky pastry)
  • Cinnamon carrot cake with organic cream cheese icing

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

  • Warm fennel and green bean salad with crumbled feta cheese
  • Chipotle turkey breast sandwich with roasted red pepoers & arugula
  • Raspberry chocolate fudge brownie

Vive le Vegan!

  • Japanese-style green bean and carrot salad with tamari almonds and black sesame seeds
  • Mediterranean grilled vegetable wrap with roasted red peper & lime hummus
  • Blueberry green tea or dark chocolate cupcake with matcha green tea icing

Each selection included a choice of fair-trade coffee, tea, organic spritzer or home brewed iced green tea. Also of note, all of Credible Edibles baked goods are made from scratch with whole grains, free-range eggs (unless vegan), and organic dairy (unless vegan).

After much dilemma, Don ordered the vegetarian option while I decided to try the vegan dinner.

As we waited for our food to arrive, Don and I noticed two small treats at our table: a sample of spicy house roasted soy beans and gomashio.

Left: spicy soy beans, Right: Gomashio

Left: spicy soy beans, Right: Gomashio

While I didn’t try the soy beans, I was intrigued by the gomashio, a Japanese table condiment. Gomashio is currently being featured as part of the Credible Edible Optimal Foods Mini Series. What is Gomashio? Well, according to the framed information sheets on each table, “goma” is Japanese for sesame and “shio” means salt. Its nutty and slightly salty taste were rather addictive as we kept eating small amounts throughout the meal.

Our food arrived soon after, our eyes feasting on plates of delightfully colourful summer fare.

The Vegetarian’s Delight

The Vegetarian's Delight - Left: Gazpacho; Right: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing; Behind: Spanakopita

The Vegetarian’s Delight – Left: Gazpacho; Right: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing; Behind: Spanakopita

Don thought his vegetarian meal very good. He has been interested in vegetarian and vegan fare of late, reading about raw food and alternative ways to make classic dishes. His spanakopita’s phyllo pastry was very light and flaky. The spinach filling was smooth, creamy, and not at all stringy. Seeing how I was eyeing his gazpatchp, Don cheerfully shared his cold soup with me, remarking about how fresh the flavours were. He routinely orders a bowl when we visit Credible Edibles now.

Sadly, I traded desserts with Don as I am unable to consume dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate cupcake with matcha green tea icing

Dark chocolate cupcake with matcha green tea icing

He, of course, happily accepted my vegan dark chocolate cupcake, which he found astounding. It was not overly dense, but had the texture of a light brownie.

When Don finished his dinner, leaving not a crumb behind, he mentioned he was surprised at how satisfying his meal was.

Vive le Vegan!

Vive le Vegan!- Left: Grilled Vegetable Warp; Right: Dark Chocolate Cupcake; Bottom: Green Bean & Carrot Salad

Vive le Vegan!- Left: Grilled Vegetable Warp; Right: Dark Chocolate Cupcake; Bottom: Green Bean & Carrot Salad

After a day in the hot sun, the Mediterranean grilled vegetable wrap with roasted red pepper and lime hummus was spot on. Served cold, the grilled zucchini, lettuce, and roasted red pepper paired nicely with the hummus. Also, the wheat tortilla wrap had a nice texture, a refreshing change from the typical supermarket tortilla. The best part of my dish was the green bean and carrot salad. Lightly dressed, the vegetables were incredibly fresh, in particular the green beans. Every bite had a satisfying crunch.

Despite missing out on the chocolate cupcake, the carrot cake with the rich cream cheese frosting made a nice consolation.

Overall, my first vegan meal was delicious and a pleasant way to end the evening.

Total cost: $33.90 (includes tax, but before tip)

We will definitely be coming back for more!

Update: The same week this review was posted, Don guest posted on Rebecca’s (@bitofmomsense)’s A Little Bit of Momsense blog. There, he contributed a post on the subject of eco-friendly lunch containers we found at Credible Edibles.

foodiePrints on A Little Bit of Momsense

foodiePrints on A Little Bit of Momsense

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