Tale of an Amazing 10 Days: Capital Cupcake Camp 2010 – updated

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Suffice it to say, Jenn and I are exhausted. It has been an amazing 10 days. Jenn ran her Army Run 5 km. We interviewed Gold Medal Plates Ottawa competing chef Caroline Ishii and had brunch at her restaurant, ZenKitchen (@zenkitchen613). Jenn was on the radio twice, Live 88.5 FM with Andrea (@cupincakes) the Tuesday and EZ Rock 99.7 FM with Lynne (@letwistedchef) the Friday. We met and had dinner with food journalist Mary Luz Mejia (@maryluzonfood) and Paola St-Georges of C’est Bon Cooking (@cestboncooking) at another Gold Medal Plates competing chef’s restaurant. This one, Chef Rene Rodriguez’s Navarra Restaurant (@navarrarest). Our wine blogger Claire went on assignment to discover wines of Puglia, Italy. We celebrated Festival La Vendemmia by taking Paola’s Foods of Preston Street tour. I joined the Savour Ottawa farm tour, visiting 3 of Ottawa’s 1267 local farms. Blog posts will be forthcoming.

Amongst everything, there was Capital Cupcake Camp 2.0, for which Jenn was on the radio. We were on the organizing committee with Ian (O’ Captain! My Captain!), Jenn (another Jenn), Andrea, Katherine, and Kaitlin. There were regular meetings, a crafts night, tweets (lots of tweets), Facebook updates, blog posts, phone calls, and many e-mails. Tickets sold out.

With the help of some hardworking volunteers and some generous sponsors the event came to pass. It saw thousands of cupcakes, hundreds of attendees, and dozens of bakers, both professionals and amateurs.

Together, we raised over $6000 that will be shared between two great causes, the Woman Alive/Femme Active Program and the Youth Services Bureau. It was quite the moment when Ian called us to the stage and announced we raised 3 times last year’s amount.

Capital Cupcake Camp 2010 Announcement

Capital Cupcake Camp 2010 Announcement

Source: Ming Wu‘s Blurasis blog post

Please note, missing from the photo was Kaitlin. She was busy co-ordinating cupcake judging.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Celebrity Judges Chef Michael Blackie and Lynne

Celebrity Judges Chef Michael Blackie and Lynne

Judges Deliberating on the Tastiest Twist on a Traditional Category

Judges Deliberating on the Tastiest Twist on a Traditional Category

Remains of the Judging

Remains of the Judging

And here are our cupcake photos from the event.

What did we learn from Capital CupcakeCamp?

  • Green highlighter makes poor cupcake name tags.
  • There is quite the industry, creating innovative cupcake holders and stands.
  • Ottawa bakes some beautiful cupcakes.
  • Cupcake bakers are some of the nicest people to talk with.
  • CupcakeCamp gathers some of the city’s finest.
  • Volunteers at Capital CupcakeCamp eat few cupcakes. Jenn and I each had one. She, something from Little Cakes Cupcakes. Me, something from event sponsor The Flour Shoppe. Thank-you Colleen, Shakira, and Melissa.

The most surprising thing we heard from Capital CupcakeCamp?

  • Several attendees said Capital CupcakeCamp wasn’t well advertised.

And, what did two food bloggers walk away from Capital CupcakeCamp with? New friendships, a list of new bakers, and cookies.



Heartfelt thanks to bakers, attendees, volunteers (especially little Eleanor), our fellow sponsors, our fellow organizers, and our esteemed celebrity judges.

Addendum: Here are photos from Jenn’s interview at EZ Rock 99.7 FM with Lynne.

Steve, Viv, Neil from the EZ Rock Morning Show

Steve, Viv, Neil from the EZ Rock Morning Show

Apparently, the radio hosts challenged each other to a bake off.

Viv's EZ Rock's Peanut Butter-filled Cupcake

Viv’s EZ Rock’s Peanut Butter-filled Cupcake

Viv's Cupcakes vs. Neil's, which rather closely resembles Flour Shoppe cupcakes

Viv’s Cupcakes vs. Neil’s, which rather closely resembles Flour Shoppe cupcakes

Attitude between bakers

Attitude between bakers

Viv discovering Neil's cupcakes were indeed from the Flour Shoppe

Viv discovering Neil’s cupcakes were indeed from the Flour Shoppe

Cupcake Cross Section

Cupcake Cross Section

Update: The backs of our t-shirts listed the event’s sponsors.



Many participated as volunteers.

Here is a list of blog posts we’ve come across on Capital CupcakeCamp:

Mild-mannered IT professional by day and food blogger by night, I founded foodiePrints with a single intention, to share my love of all things food. My first post shared a recipe. Many followed. Eventually, I learned Ottawa prepares and serves great food. Thereafter, I started meeting restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, farmers, and other local producers, all good people. Ideas for food-related content swirled in my head. foodiePrints grew into a place to put them. From exploring foreign and domestic cuisines to shopping for exotic ingredients and cobbling together my takes on dishes in my meager kitchen, there are stories to tell. Welcome to foodiePrints. Here, you will find stories about food and drink, cooking, and eating in Canada’s capital. Be it food-related or just food-for-thought, I hope you find something tasty here.


Giveaway: Celebrating 30 years at the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival | foodiePrints

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Jenny Burgesse

Thanks for the link to my post! I have the actual full post up now at SeekSweets.net now if you'd like to update the links. :)


Thanks again!


Wow -- sounds like a packed foodie-filled 10 days. I thought there was a lot of advertisement for the event, but I guess it depends what media people read/tune in to.

Lynne (thetwistedchef)

GREAT post guys! thanks for including me in the event - I had a blast getting to know my fellow judges. And it amuses me to see that I do stick out my tongue when I am thinking hard ;0)

and Paula - that EZ Rock interview was so much fun!

AWESOME! Until... Gold Medal Plates ;0)


Congrats on a successful, sugar-filled event!! All those cupcakes look fantastic!

One of Ottawa-s Real Foodies

Congratulations foodiePrints on being part of a very successful Cupcake Camp. Your activities in the last 10 days are impressive for what they have done to promote food here in Ottawa. I am always in awe!!


This post was just as much fun as meeting you and Jenn and attending the Cupcake Camp. Can't wait until our paths cross again. The photos from Jenn's EZ Rock interview are hilarious.

p.s. Can't believe you outed the cookies! Hope they let the baker into camp next year. LOL


Alea, it was great to meet you at this past Sunday. We added your blog My Real Food Life to our list of Ottawa food blogs, the first chance we got.


Your cupcakes were lovely and, as I understand it, they attracted quite the crowd. Thank-you for participating!


Here's a comment that was lost to the intarwebs. Thankfully, Alea sent us a copy via e-mail.

Loved your post on Capital Cupcake Camp, I just came across your blog
recently, so glad I did... thank you so much for your terrific pics of the
cupcakes! I think next year, my big wish would be for any of the
participants who wanted to, to provide their contact info on one sheet in
case anyone would like to order their cupcakes.
It was a terrific event, and so well organized- thank you so much. I had a
sugar bliss time and met some wonderful folks.... Can't wait for your post
on Savour Ottawa!

-Alea http://www.myrealfoodlife.com

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