Red or White with Turkey

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I realize that this post was scheduled to be a romantic and mouth-watering description of Italian wines from the region of Puglia but…well…it isn’t. Which it isn’t to say that the next one won’t be, it will….just not this one.

This one is a quick note about a fun little bubbly that you might want to consider for Thanksgiving.

There is no shame in admitting that turkey is a meal that can cause confusion: red or white?

We are caught when faced with this question in the same way we feel trapped at the grocery store when the 14 year old packer asks “paper or plastic?”. Which is the correct answer? We feel that there is a right and a wrong response but we are paralyzed when faced with the shiny, expectant post-pubescent face.

Fortunately, the move to reusable bags has largely alleviated this stress…not so for the choice of wine to accompany turkey.

The difficulty with a traditional turkey meal is that it usually includes a large selection of side dishes, including roast potatoes, gravy, root vegetables which match nicely with red wine….yet it is a bird and we are conditioned to think of white wine as the perfect match. But, then again, it has a very noticeable flavour in its dark meat which can support a medium-bodied red…what a dilemma!

Lily Pinot Noir

Lily Pinot Noir

Enter Colio Estates Winery Lily Pinot Noir, a sparkling red wine. I spotted this wine at a Colio Estates outlet at the Metro in Kanata while waiting for horse back riding lessons to end and was intrigued (or bored) enough to buy three bottles – approximately $14 a bottle. It is available only from Colio Estates outlets.

The wine is 100% VQA Pinot Noir, aged 6 months on the lees (with the skins and other solids in contact with the juice) to give it a pretty, pinky-peach colour and a light tannic quality. The level of effervescent is lower than in most methode champenoise wines, no tickling of the nose, but is it pleasantly bubbly on the tongue. There is a light alcohol flavour and no unpleasant metallic flavours. In fact, it has a delightful raspberry bouquet with a hint of honey on the nose. Paired with a roasted chicken meal, it held up nicely through to the fruit plate.



Getting to the point: I love this wine. I brought a bottle over to a friend’s and she promptly pinched one to take to her family Thanksgiving meal. We both agreed that it is a fun, fruity wine that can be drunk before dinner, with a lemony dessert and with the afore-mentioned turkey.

So, if your Thanksgiving is anything like mine (same old dishes, same old faces), shake things up with some bubbles…red bubbles!!!

Wine Region of Colio Estate
360 March Road, Kanata
(613) 270-9463

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