Prime Rib Sunday at Canvas

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After a hectic work week, I look forward to the weekends. Oftentimes, I try to slow down and enjoy these two precious days. However, here at foodiePrints, this fall has been incredibly busy. From our regular day jobs to covering Gold Medal Plates, blogging, and attending food tours and artisan shows, it’s a wonder we even know what day of the week it is.

Sensing that we needed to take some time off and wanting a change of pace, Don decided to take me out for a quiet dinner one Sunday evening in our neighbourhood. His choice? Canvas Resto-Bar.

A relaxing evening at Canvas

A relaxing evening at Canvas

With their Autumn menus, Canvas introduced Prime Rib Sundays, a prime rib roast dinner with “all the fixings.” Diners can still choose from the dinner menu. The prime rib dinner is a special table d’hôte, offered from 5:00pm – 8:30pm.

Prime Rib Menu

Prime Rib Menu

The special consists of a starter (soup of the day or a salad) and a 7 oz slice of prime rib au jus, accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, fresh seasonal vegetables, and coffee or tea for $30.00 (seniors get a 10% discount). While we waited, our server brought us a small plate of freshly sliced white Art-Is-In bread with brown butter (a signature bread accompaniment Canvas has always been serving).

To start, Don and I both chose the soup.

Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day

Placed before us was a wonderful Autumnal dish, a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. After spending the day in the nippy outdoors, the warmth of the soup was a hit. Its texture was velvety smooth and flavourful. Each mouthful was sweet, yet peppery. Carrots were used to sweeten the soup while whole peppercorns were added to provide the pepperiness. Surprisingly, our server would inform us there was no cream added. Overall, its was a good soup. But, while we enjoyed the peppery bite, we felt that leaving the peppercorns whole was unnecessary (perhaps cracked?). Still, the soup was so delicious Don sopped up every last bite with bread. It happens our server is likewise a fan of the chef’s soups and confessed he does the same.

Shortly after, our server returned with two steaming plates of prime rib. Hungry, my plate was a feast for the eyes.

Prime rib dinner with all the fixings

Prime rib dinner with all the fixings

The prime rib was succulent. It was juicy and flavourful and cooked to order, medium rare. I was surprised how lean our cuts were. The jus was savory and meaty, but had cooled slightly. The green beans were fresh, crisp, and finished in butter. The mashed potato was creamy and smooth with some rustic lumps. However, the best part of the dinner was the yorkshire pudding. While it was not a traditional pudding (traditional yorkshire puddings are 3-4″ tall and fill an 11×9″ roasting pan), it was piping hot with steam escaping from the small incision I made with my fork. A slice of beef, a bit of pudding, and some gravy, it was a delicious bite.

By the end of the meal, Don and I were stuffed. Lingering over cups of coffee and tea, we realized our exposure to a similar prime rib dinners had previously been at large chain restaurants such as The Keg. I recall eating a recent prime rib dinner at The Keg in Toronto and was amazed at how much fat I had to cut off my portion of beef. A small fatty cut with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, horseradish, and red wine herb au jus was priced over $25.00.

At Canvas, it was wonderful to see the difference ordering a prime rib roast dinner at a locally-owned restaurant makes. The plate was made with care and came with greens. For $30.00, the prime rib dinner is a good value. For me, it was the perfect end to a Sunday night.

Canvas Resto-Bar-Etc.
65 Holland Avenue
(613) 729-1991

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Hi Paula,

Yes, Canvas moved in to where Absinthe once was. Canvas has now been at the corner of Holland and Spencer for a couple of years now. It's nice little bistro with a great bar and fun staff.


@VanillaBeanBake (Nov 29, 06:04 PM)
Residents & or visitors to Ottawa, you may want to dine here one Sunday. RT @foodiePrints Prime Rib Sunday at Canvas http://nblo.gs/b9RC0


So nice that you and Dan had a chance to enjoy a lovely meal on a quiet Sunday evening. That prime rib looks amazing. We moved out of that area a little over 2 years ago now. I don't recall Canvas being on Holland. Is it fairly new or did I just miss it when I lived there? I'm thinking it moved in where Absinthe used to be.


@SimplyFresh (Nov 29, 09:20 AM)
Sounds fun! RT @foodiePrints Prime Rib Sunday at Canvas http://nblo.gs/b9RC0


@thelemonkitchen (Nov 29, 09:19 AM)
@foodiePrints looks delicious, I want to go! @foodiePrints Prime Rib Sunday at Canvas http://nblo.gs/b9RC0


@AMWATERS (Nov 29, 09:17 AM)
Nice to hear about PRS. Sometimes it is just the perfect way to end wknd. RT @foodiePrints Prime Rib Sunday at Canvas http://nblo.gs/b9RC0


My inlaws would LOVE this! I will have to let them know. Thanks!

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