Relatively Wordless Wednesday: A Chef, a MO, and his Gold Medal Plates Dish – updated

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Chef Marc Lepine (@MarcLepine) and his team from Atelier (540 Rochester Street) made what Jenn and I thought was the most technically difficult plate at the Gold Medal Plates competition, which raised funds for the Canadian Olympic Foundation this past Tuesday. Beautiful to the eye and an adventure for the palette, his Chef de Cuisine, Sarah Allen (@sarah_J_allen), would later tell me it had no less than 17 components. Sommelier Steve Robinson effortlessly listed everything as he handed me my plate.

At the tables we stopped at, the plate had event-goers collectively trying to remember what every individual component was. It was easily the talk of the event.

The Chef

Chef Lepine

Chef Lepine

He’s sporting a respectable MO!

His Plate

Pig and 'Pus in a blanket

Pig and ‘Pus in a blanket

According to Chef Lepine’s tweets last weekend:

@MarcLepine (Nov 12, 06:06 PM)
It starts with a piece of dashi-braised pork hock, some tomato confit, and a green olive sliver… http://plixi.com/p/56543211

@MarcLepine (Nov 12, 06:10 PM)
Then we lay a sheet of black garlic overtop with a chiogga beet shoelace … http://plixi.com/p/56543737

@MarcLepine (Nov 12, 06:18 PM) Then SV octopus, yuzu meringue, basil, pine nuts, warm cauliflower sphere, mushroom smoked menthol floss …. http://plixi.com/p/56544883

It was paired with a 2009 Gewurztraminer, from Cave Springs Cellars



As for how the Atelier team kicked out this elaborate plate in minutes. Our theory involves extremely talented chefs and line cooks.

Speaking of which, besides Chefs Lepine and Allen, there was another familiar face on the Atelier team.

Pastry Chef Quinn Davis

Pastry Chef Quinn Davis

Chef Davis works at the Courtyard Restaurant (@courtyardresto). He was dutifully sporting Mis.En.Gear.

If you would like to read more about Chef Lepine, click here for his “Meet a Gold Medal Plates Chef” post.

Atelier Restaurant
540 Rochester Street

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