The 12 Days of Christmas: four calling birds…

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On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

…four calling birds…

For this day, I chose a German “bird” Riesling. No really, the wine is known as “The Bird Label Riesling”…it says so on the cap!

Lingenfelder Estate 2009 Bird Label Riesling

Lingenfelder Estate 2009 Bird Label Riesling

I enjoyed a glass of it by myself in the Studio (No really, it’s a room at the cottage known as the “Studio”! Covered in paint, flooded by light, it’s been the scene of many an artistic creation (no, not by me. I am talentless in that regard). Surrounded by prototypes and sketches of birds, it seemed fitting (and provided a break from the Christmas mayhem).

The Lingenfelder Estate 2009 Bird Label Riesling ($13.95 LCBO) is a classic German White wine. It was quite floral on the nose but had enough crisp, green apple in the mouth to balance out the sweet, honey notes. It is dry wine but you cannot escape the fact that it is a Riesling and therefore still floral. As I may have mentioned before, I am not a fan of German wines but I did enjoy this one with some sharp cheddar and Rosemary crackers that I had smuggled into the Studio. I think it might also pair well with foie gras, the creamy, fattiness of the foie would contrast nicely with the acidity and marry well with the fruitiness of the wine. Alternatively, this wine could be good for a Spring tea party (complete with white gloves and sun hats).

Although trained as a sommelier, I pay my bills working as an IT consultant. I love what I do for a living and keep wine as my hobby. As it looks bad if you only drink, I have occasionally been known to eat as well. Growing up on four different continents, I love to cook and appreciate the cuisines of the world. But wine is my passion. With a well-stocked cellar, I am always on the hunt for new wines and love hearing from people about their latest find or interesting pairing. My approach to wine: Drink what you like. Wine reviews need not be stuffy. Numerical ratings are meaningless. If it tastes good, drink it! If you don’t like it, then it’s not the wine for you.