Foodie Friday: Vanilla Dipped Gingersnaps

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With less than two weeks until Christmas, the fall term is quickly coming to an end at school. Earlier this week, one of my grade 1 students approached me after class with a lovely bag of home made cookies from his mom: vanilla dipped gingersnaps.

For me, there’s nothing more thoughtful than receiving a home made gift, whether it is food-related or not. As soon as I got home from school, Don and I nearly devoured the entire bag of cookies. I managed to save just a couple of cookies for a picture.

Vanilla Dipped Gingersnap cookies

Vanilla Dipped Gingersnap cookies

They were sweet, but had a deliciously warm ginger and molasses flavours. The vanilla icing literally melted in my mouth. Just eating them has put me in the mood for some Christmas baking. I’m thinking of a layered cake for my brother’s belated birthday, some ginger-kissed whoopie pies for friends, and maybe a basket of sweet buns for my parents.

What will you be baking this holiday season?

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Teacher by day and blogger by night, I have always been passionate about food. I grew up watching my mother cook and bake as I sat at the kitchen table doing my homework. In the summers, I happily played in the backyard garden, picking strawberries as my parents tended their crops. A city girl with a love for the outdoors, my goal is to capture the ever-changing Ottawa food scene. When I’m not running, you can find me shopping for ingredients or in the kitchen cooking for my family and friends. Whether you’ve been cooking for a long time or are learning to cook for the first time, I hope you will find something delicious here to inspire you.



Gorgeous! I make Ginger Snaps every year (all year long), but have yet to dip them in anything except tea!


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I've never thought to dip my ginger cookies. These look amazing! Hope you and Don are well....I've been MIA from commenting but have been reading your site in my reader.

Best wishes to you both of a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you and your blog in the New Year. Congratulations on producing a fabulous blog throughout 2011 :)

kelly rusk

WOw, those look amazing! Nothing like what my mom used to bake (actually she probably didn't bake at all.)

I made this amazing gingerbread recipe last weekend:

We also made homemade rum balls, peppermint patties and sugar cookies with vanilla bean. Delish!

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