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With just about everyone on a social network, from Facebook to Pinterest, “following” or “friending” someone can lead to seemingly intimidating numbers that generally mean little. That is, except to certain dubious websites like Klout.

Quite frankly, social networks are transient. They fade away. Does anyone remember My Space? How about Friendster?

Klout makes some grandiose assumptions. Imagine my shock when I discovered a certain 6-year old food blog is influential on the subject of “cosmetics.”

What social networks do excel at is bringing people together to form communities of interest. One of my goals is to materialize virtual connections, meet some of my favourite food tweeps.

I have made some new friends through social networks. One of them is Lynne Frappier (@latwistedchef), fellow food blogger, sometimes baker entrepreneur (Hello Kitty cake), and sometimes stagiaire in much loved restaurants from Ottawa’s Whalesbone Oyster House (430 Bank Street) to Gatineau’s Edgar (60 rue Bégin).

Thoughtful, sincere, and outgoing, Lynne has a genuinely sunny disposition. You will not meet a nicer person. Neither will you meet anyone more passionate about food.

It is the infectious nature of her passion that Rogers TV, a community-oriented television station, decided to tap into when Lynne mused about a food show idea during one of her regular appearances on Daytime Ottawa. “It would be all about local cooks – (professional and home cooks) – people who are known for making certain things,” she describes in an email to us.

Eventually, Lynne’s concept materialized, she filming episodes of “Must.Love.Food.” over the past several months.



Hosted and produced by Lynne, each episode features different guests, preparing their favourite recipes, from pies to bread, burgers, perogies, and cake. Each episode also includes additional cooking segments with local ingredients.

“I want to showcase great food and the passion people have for their recipes,” says Lynne in the corresponding media release. “Some of the recipes my guests will present are family favourites, passed on for generations.”

“You’ll get great recipes and get to meet those who are most knowledgeable about these culinary heirlooms.”

Every episode has a theme from “Must.Love.Meat” with Chef Trish Larkin of Black Cat Bistro (428 Preston Street) and Ryan Mesheau (Mr. Rachelle Eats Food) to…

the burger

the burger

“Must.Love.Entertaining” with Chef Steve Mitton of Murray Street Kitchen (110 Murray Street), Chloé & Joe O’Shaughnessy and Platonic Jeff and…

“Must.Love.Pie” with Amanda Brown and Lynne’s 13-year-old cousin, Olivier Dumas.

Loyal readers of Lynne’s food blog, La Twisted Chef (formerly Le Twisted Chef), will recognize Platonic Jeff from many a whimsical and delicious post. Must.Love.Food. gives you the opportunity to meet him.

Lynne with Guest Tanya Manoryk

Lynne with Guest Tanya Manoryk

“Oh – and there is a segment in each episode with Sommelier Steve Robinson of Atelier (540 Rochester Street) and Andrew Rastapkevicius of Lifford Wine Agency [with whom] we talk wine, alcohol and food pairings.”

An episode list follows:

  • Must.Love.Family Recipes.
  • Must.Love.Entertaining.
  • Must.Love.Pies.
  • Must.Love.Spice.
  • Must.Love.Lemon.
  • Must.Love.Cupcakes.
  • Must.Love.Chocolate.
  • Must.Love.Meat.

For a guest list and profiles as only Lynne could write them, click here.

The first episode airs April 29th at 8:00 pm on Rogers TV.

We at foodiePrints hope the show captures Lynne’s characteristic joie de vivre. She makes people smile! This way, you will understand why we think you Must.Love.Lynne.

Mild-mannered IT professional by day and food blogger by night, I founded foodiePrints with a single intention, to share my love of all things food. My first post shared a recipe. Many followed. Eventually, I learned Ottawa prepares and serves great food. Thereafter, I started meeting restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, farmers, and other local producers, all good people. Ideas for food-related content swirled in my head. foodiePrints grew into a place to put them. From exploring foreign and domestic cuisines to shopping for exotic ingredients and cobbling together my takes on dishes in my meager kitchen, there are stories to tell. Welcome to foodiePrints. Here, you will find stories about food and drink, cooking, and eating in Canada’s capital. Be it food-related or just food-for-thought, I hope you find something tasty here.