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Although there are three official members of foodiePrints, from time to time a fourth member makes an appearance: Lil’foodiePrints. So named by Jenn, she is my daughter and a budding chef/foodie/aspiring vet.

Although, as adults, we have opinions about what our children should eat (don’t get me started on The Kid’s Menu with its chicken fingers and pizza), Lil’foodiePrints is a pretty independent girl and we thought she might like to express her own ideas on food for kids.

The fact of the matter is that she can and does eat from the “adult menu”, she likes pizza but also sushi, pho and chicken noodle soups,  raw oysters and grilled cheese sandwiches, not to mention chocolate fondue and cupcakes. Frustrated by cookbooks for kids with recipes for carrot sticks and dip, chocolate chip pancakes from a mix and chopped egg salads, Lil’foodiePrints spent her birthday money on Jaimie Oliver and Nigela Lawson.

Lil’foodiePrints likes to eat a wide variety of foods, cook bread from scratch and the odd rice crispy square. We don’t believe she is alone. And that is why we’ll be featuring recipes from her once or twice a month: Lil’foodiePrints Eats.

So, tell me, Lil’foodiePrints, what kind of recipes are you going to be sharing with our readers?

The things I like to eat. I think other kids would like them too. But not just kids. I think parents will like them, too.

Do you like to cook for adults?

Yes, I like to cook food for my Mum and the neighbours. I cook when I am with my Grandparents. They have a big garden and I like to help pick the vegetables and clean them and then make supper. We have flowers that you can eat there and I like to decorate salads with them.

What are your favourite foods?

I like everything, excepts raw onions. I like uncooked red onions but not the white ones; they’re too spicy. I like the food my Mum cooks. My favourite is brik à l’oeuf  and she also makes home-made potato chips; I really like those.

What kind of food do you think kids should order in restaurants?

There should be kids’ menus, but they should just be smaller portions of the regular menu. Kids don’t have to eat only chicken fingers and fries. They can have salmon and rice but less.

Is Lil’foodiePrints your real name?

No, Jenn called me that. They don’t put my photo or my name on the blog. I don’t mind.

What do you think of food blogs? Do you read any?

No, I am not allowed on the computer much. But I like to read cookbooks and I also watch The Food Network. I like Top Chef and Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives. I also like Cupcake Wars.

What do you think will be your first recipe?

I don’t know yet but it’ll be something I like and kids can make, maybe my crab dip.



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