Wine Wednesday – a wine gadget for Holiday entertaining

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Hi. It’s me again…GadgetGirl with another gadget. This time I’m playing with a toy that I received as a gift. You remember our little jaunt to Prince Edward County back in March, when we visited Sandbanks Winery, the late Fifth Town Cheese, Barley Days Brewery and a host of other gorgeous spots?

Well, my fellow bloggers (aka partners in crime) Jodi (SimplyFresh), Katy (Sheltered Girl Meets World) and Kelly (The Gouda Life), bought me a really cool wine gadget (can’t imagine why they chose a wine themed gift for me!) Unopened until now, I thought it would be fun to try it out for the Holidays (in our house, that’s 8 nights of Hanukkah, 1 Christmas Day, 1 Boxing Day, 1 New Year’s Eve, 1 Epiphany and a lot of wine!).

The Wine Glass Holder Spider appears to be the perfect gadget for serving your guests at a stand-up cocktail event. The box, I must say, was very chic looking and the gadget itself a classy mat black molded plastic. There were no instructions included but the photo on the box seemed pretty clear.

Created by Brink, a kitchen gadget company, the Spider holds four wine glasses and one wine bottle. I think the idea is that you offer a glass to a guest and then tip the bottle to fill it. The problem with that is that the remaining glasses slide precariously in their holders and you have to proceed with great caution. The Beau was a wee bit nervous as I tried various maneuvers, visions of shattered crystal all over the kitchen floor and a trip to emergency dancing in his head. I think, however, that the gadget works if you are careful and if you don’t use the Waterford Crystal, just to be safe.

At your next holiday gathering, pass the canapés on a tray with one hand and the wine and glasses with the other. Cheers!

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Although trained as a sommelier, I pay my bills working as an IT consultant. I love what I do for a living and keep wine as my hobby. As it looks bad if you only drink, I have occasionally been known to eat as well. Growing up on four different continents, I love to cook and appreciate the cuisines of the world. But wine is my passion. With a well-stocked cellar, I am always on the hunt for new wines and love hearing from people about their latest find or interesting pairing. My approach to wine: Drink what you like. Wine reviews need not be stuffy. Numerical ratings are meaningless. If it tastes good, drink it! If you don’t like it, then it’s not the wine for you.