Love is in the Air [and a Contest, Too!]

Sandbanks Winery Cassis Aperitif "Love" Sandbanks Winery Cassis Aperitif "Love"
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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you’re like me and have used all your gift ideas on Christmas and Hannukah, Sandbanks Winery is coming to the rescue with a new wine and a contest.

I told you about Love in my “Love and French Kisses in the afternoon” piece last summer. Available at the winery for the past six months, it will be available at the LCBO starting February 2nd ($14.95 375mL). This, dear readers, is good news as you really should try this wine.

Although the LCBO‘s tasting notes describe it as “cotton candy”, I am going to differ and say that this wine is not as sweet as it implies. In fact, the vidal wine from which it is made from is lemony and palate cleansing while the hint of fruitiness of the cassis adds colour and a touch of sweetness.

Sandbanks' John Squair

Sandbanks’ John Squair

[Photo, by Don]

This is a wine that could be drunk with a milk chocolate mousse, but really rocks with a rich main course. The key is the richness of the dish contrasted with the crispness of the wine: milk chocolate not dark, fish in a cream sauce not grilled. Chef Robin Bowen paired the wine with a lamb slider, foie gras aioli and caramel confit onion on Saturday and we all asked for seconds.

Chef Robin Bowen (right) and his Sous (left)

Chef Robin Bowen (right) and his Sous (left)

Cassis Aperitif, paired with a Lamb Slider

Cassis Aperitif, paired with a Lamb Slider

[Photos, by Don]

Here are the deets on the contest Sandbanks Winery is running:

  1. Take a photo of you and your loved one(s) enjoying some Love
  2. Tweet the photo with the hashtag LoveShots
  3. You will automatically be entered for a  romantic trip to Prince Edward County (a night in a B&B, dinner at a local restaurant and a tasting at the winery).
  4. Wait to see if you are a winner.
Sample #loveshot

Sample #loveshot

[Photo, by Don]

If you are not a winner, head down to PEC anyway. Having been to PEC (and written about it in our posts), believe me when I say it is worth the drive!

Although trained as a sommelier, I pay my bills working as an IT consultant. I love what I do for a living and keep wine as my hobby. As it looks bad if you only drink, I have occasionally been known to eat as well. Growing up on four different continents, I love to cook and appreciate the cuisines of the world. But wine is my passion. With a well-stocked cellar, I am always on the hunt for new wines and love hearing from people about their latest find or interesting pairing. My approach to wine: Drink what you like. Wine reviews need not be stuffy. Numerical ratings are meaningless. If it tastes good, drink it! If you don’t like it, then it’s not the wine for you.


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