Scientists Reveal Treatment for Forgotten Valentine-itus: Chocolate Brunch and Competition

Heart-Shaped North American Toad in the Hole Heart-Shaped North American Toad in the Hole
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February 14th passed fourteen days ago, but a number of you are still likely suffering inflammation related to cases of “forgotten valentine-itus.” Symptoms can manifest themselves in a number of ways: angry emotional outbursts, dry mouth, numb tongue, and minor skin irritation.

Temporary allergies to roses (especially long-stem varietals) and sensitivity to the colours pink and red are not uncommon.

Sufferers are asked not to self-medicate. Normally, the inflammation passes when warmer spring weather arrives.

However, psychological effects may be longer lasting, randomly expressing themselves should a birthday or anniversary approach.

At no time should forgotten valentine-itus be allowed to develop into OMG-YFASIGCH (“OMG, you forgot another socially-imposed greeting card holiday!”) syndrome.

Thankfully, rocket scientists from the University of Elbownia recently announced a treatment for acute cases, publishing their findings in the March issue of New Elbownian Medicine. They recommend alcohol, particularly wine.

If symptoms persist, Dr. Really von Obvious suggests contacting a medical professional for a hard liquor prescription.

Prevention is possible so long as couples do not engage in the following risky behaviour on Valentine’s Day:

  • Conversations involving the following question/answer pairs:
    • Q: “What are we having for dinner, honey?”, A: “I’ll be happy with whatever you want to pick up at the grocery store!”
    • Q: “Are we going out to dinner tonight?”, A: “Sure, I’ll pickup drive-thru from McDonald’s on the way home.”
    • Q: “Do you know what today is?”, A: “Happy birth-a-versary?”
  • Inviting an attractive co-worker home for dinner.
  • Gifting gym memberships, weight loss products, cookware, power tools, or soap.

The following treatment can delay symptoms or reverse them, depending on the severity of the inflammation:

Heart-shaped Pastrami Sandwich

Heart-shaped Pastrami Sandwich

Seed to Sausage PastramiSeed to Sausage Pastrami on Art Is In Dynamite White

[made with Seed to Sausage Pastrami and a heart-shaped cookie cutter]

For long-term or chronic cases of forgotten valentine-itus, previous studies recommended significant intake of chocolate.

Thankfully, in Ottawa, there is the 9th Annual Carefor Chocolate Brunch and Competition that will be held this Saturday (March 2, 2013).

Last Year's Carefor Chocolate Brunch and Competition

Last Year’s Carefor Chocolate Brunch and Competition

No less than eleven restaurants in the National Capital Region will compete against one another for chocolate supremacy. Winners will have their names engraved on a trophy and receive prize money.

Competitors this year include:

Winning J'adore Chocolat Competition Plate by Top of the Hill Bakery

Winning J'adore Chocolat Competition Plate by Top of the Hill Bakery

J'adore Chocolat Serving Plate by Top of the Hill Bakery

J'adore Chocolat Serving Plate by Top of the Hill Bakery

Jeff Stoveld and Ashlyn Bredewold of Top of the Hill Bakery

Jeff Stoveld and Ashlyn Bredewold of Top of the Hill Bakery

Approximately 400 attendees will crowd into the Centurion Conference & Event Centre (170 Colonnade Rd. South). They will sit down to a continental brunch. Then, they will sample dish after dish of creative chocolate confections.

This year, the judging panel is Chef-studded:

  • Chef Timothy Wasylko (the Prime Minister’s Chef!)
  • Chef Jonny Korecki (Chef at Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen & Bar and runner-up in Top Chef Canada 2012)
  • Chef Hervé Chabert (celebrated and award winning Pastry Chef and instructor at Le Cordon Bleu)
  • Chef Michael Blackie (formerly Executive Chef of the NAC and Brookstreet, now NEXT and MB Cuisine)
  • Sommelier Claire Fowles (foodiePrints’ wine blogger extraordinaire)
  • Ron Eade (retired food editor of the Ottawa Citizen)

Moreover, attendees get to weigh in on their favourite dishes.

The competition is a fundraiser for Carefor Health & Community Services, a non-profit charitable organization. For over 110 years, Carefor has provided a variety of accessible home-care and community support services to people of all ages and stages of life.

Last year’s competition raised $35,000 from ticket sales and proceeds related to the silent and live auctions.

This year, the goal is $37,000.

Family-oriented, tickets are $75/person, with $25 tax receipt. Tickets for $40/child (aged 4 to 12). Children under 4 enter for free.

Only 40 tickets remain.

What: 9th Annual Carefor Brunch and Chocolate Competition
Where: Centurion Conference & Event Centre (170 Colonnade Road)
When: Saturday, March 2, 2013, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
How Much: $75/person ($25 tax receipt), $40/child (aged 4 to 12), free/children (under 4 years old)

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