Wines of Canada – #OnDrinksBC (White Edition)

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Following on my previous post on BC reds, here are some thoughts on three white wines that we also tasted as part of  #OnDrinksBC. We were given two Chardonnays and one Gewurtztraminer. The Chardonnays were universally enjoyed but I adored the Gewurtztraminer, much to my surprise.

Quail’s Gate Chardonnay 2011 ($20.95 LCBO) – I have always loved the name of this winery. I don’t know why; I think it must speak to my love of whimsy (or quail, always nice to sit down to a dinner of quail). This wine is a good classic Chardonnay to serve with a meal when you don’t feel like red wine. We enjoyed it with some charcuteries and cheeses instead of a Pinot Noir.

Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnay 2010 ($19.95 LCBO) – Aged in French oak for seven months, this classic Chardonnay is not overly buttery, but you can discern the creamy vanilla that oak ageing imparts. If you like Chardonnay and you don’t like too much popcorn/butter, this is a nice Canadian choice. Mission Hill is, in my experience, the most common BC wine to be found on the shelves of the LCBO.

Gray Monk Gewurtztraminer 2011 ($19.95 LCBO) – I loved this wine. It was not sweet in  the dessert sense and had a nice acidity; some lichee, green grapes and a hint of green tea made it a great wine to just drink on its own or serve, as I did, with a green salad.

My guests were bored with my repeating “No, really, I love this wine. Don’t you love this wine? I’m so surprised that I love this wine. Here, you should try this wine.”

The first post I ever wrote for foodiePrints was about BC wines and I looked back to see what wines I had tried. Imagine my surprise to find that Grey Monk Gewwurtztraminer was among the ones I enjoyed. Three year’s later, my mind’s memory might fade but clearly my palate’s memory is intact.

If you’re looking for a white wine to serve with sushi, or perhaps an Asian-style noodle dish or stirfry, or just to enjoy before a meal, try the Gray Monk Gewurtztraminer.

Gray Monk Gewurtztraminer

A lovely white wine for sipping or serving.

If you have any BC wines that you love, tell us about them. Our Editor has been known to enjoy a glass or two of Blue Mountain bubbly (sometimes available at the LCBO for $27.95. Don and Jenn procured a bottle for me at Christmas. They must have been in line the day it was released as it It sells out fast!).

And don’t forget to enter Wines of British Columbia contest. With all the snow we’ve been having in Ottawa, wouldn’t a trip to BC’s wine country be just the ticket?

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