Food Truck Friday: She said… bap by Raon Kitchen

bap by Raon Kitchen on Bank St. bap by Raon Kitchen on Bank St.
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Here at foodiePrints, it’s been a great, but incredibly busy summer. It’s already August and there are still so many food trucks to visit. So, it’s time to catch up with our Food Truck Friday series.

This week, we’re visiting bap by Raon Kitchen.

Raon Kitchen is the brain child of Hana Jung, a marketing manager, and her husband, Iruk Cho, a web designer (and student in the culinary program at Algonquin College). They moved to Ottawa from Seoul with their young daughter nearly four years ago.

Though their popular food cart is new to the street food scene, Raon Kitchen has, in fact, been in business since last summer, selling their kimchi (fermented napa cabbage) and marinades such as ganjang (a korean soy sauce) and gochujang (a chili pepper paste) at the Main Farmers’ Market on Saturdays; and at the Ottawa Farmers Market on Saturdays in Westboro and Sundays in Brewer Park.

Raon Kitchen at Brewer Park

Don is a big fan of their kimchi, having already bought several jars. Those looking for Korean vegetarian options will be pleased to know that both the kimchi and marinades are vegan-friendly.

Kimchi from Raon Kitchen

Jung and Cho’s passion for using local and quality ingredients to make great food is obvious. It has something to do with their eating as locally as possible. When asked, Cho explained, “Eating local isn’t new…. Koreans are obsessed with the idea of ‘Sintoburi’ which means our body and the land are not separate literally. In short, domestic farm products are the best for our health.”

And, since opening their food cart in June, bap by Raon Kitchen has amassed quite the following. It’s not unusual to find a constant line-up of patrons hungry for Korea’s signature dish, “bibimbap.” Normally bibimbap is served as a rice bowl topped with sauteed vegetables, gochujang, slices of meat, and either a raw or runny fried egg.

What to eat today?

Lining up before noon

Unfortunately, bap being a food cart, prep has do be done off-site and ahead of time. So, it is somewhat difficult to offer a raw or runny fried egg option. However, you will find spinach, thinly sliced Korean-style egg omelette, and julienned carrot, daikon radish, bell pepper and shiitake mushrooms. For protein, you can choose from beef, spicy chicken or tofu.

Over a few visits, Don and I tried each option. Each one was delicious, filling, and also very nutritious.

You can further dress up your bowls by adding toasted sesame seeds, sesame seed oil, siracha, or soy.

Left: Beef bibimbap; Right: Spicy chicken bibimbap

Spicy chicken bibimbap with kimchi

Tofu bibimbap

Tofu bibimbap with kimchi

At $7 a bowl, each order also comes with a small side of their homemade kimchi. Drinks are between $1 to $1.50.

With lunch well under $10, you can’t go wrong here.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it!

bap by Raon Kitchen
Twitter: @RaonKitchen
Facebook: bap by Raon Kitchen
When: Monday to Friday 11:00am – 2:00 pm
Where: west side of Bank St. (between Slater & Albert)

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