Wine Wednesday: a New Year’s solution to my fear of flying corks

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Bubbles without fearWe celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas here at CasaNJG. This means we are exponentially more likely to require bubbly to celebrate the season. As you know, I am deathly afraid of Champagne corks (see previous post on this very subject).

This year, I am happy to announce that I have found a solution, if not a cure to my problem. The question of spoilage due to the use of natural corks, aside, these things rock! I can safely open a bottle of bubbly without fear of embarassment or personal injury.

Flat Rock Cellars Riddled – this Niagara sparkling wine is available at the LCBO ($24.95) and is, in my opinion, a great combination of price, sparkle and easy-opening. Riddled is a blend of two of the classical champagne grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. If you like a classic sparkling wine with a hint of lemon and toast, this is a good choice.

If Prosecco is more your style, if you prefer the slightly more floral bubbly, and perhaps dream of the Italian sun, you can still satisfy your need for bubbles without the terror. Il Prosecco is one of the nicest ones on the LCBO’s general list and, at $12.95, affordable.

Someday I’ll write about the debate of cork vs non, but for now I am thrilled to be able to enjoy my bubbles even when neither The Beau nor The Teen is around to help me open it!


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Although trained as a sommelier, I pay my bills working as an IT consultant. I love what I do for a living and keep wine as my hobby. As it looks bad if you only drink, I have occasionally been known to eat as well. Growing up on four different continents, I love to cook and appreciate the cuisines of the world. But wine is my passion. With a well-stocked cellar, I am always on the hunt for new wines and love hearing from people about their latest find or interesting pairing. My approach to wine: Drink what you like. Wine reviews need not be stuffy. Numerical ratings are meaningless. If it tastes good, drink it! If you don’t like it, then it’s not the wine for you.