Food Shop Walkthrough: Pasticceria Geletaria Italiana

Pasticceria Gelateria What is your daily ritual on a Saturday morning? If you were raised with central or southern Italian food traditions, it may well be coffee (likely cappuccino), newspaper and a cornetto, either filled with cream or empty (cornetto vuotto). Cornetti are pastries akin to French croissants that vary somewhat by recipe, but often involve a biga starter. And, where would you go to partake of such a morning ritual? How about Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana in Ottawa’s Little Italy (200 Preston Street)? Established May 5, 1979, Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana has become an institution. It... | Continue reading article

Serious Grilled Cheese – updated

Index: Serious Cheese | Art-Is-In Ever wonder about the word gastronomy? It is the art and science of “good” eating and drinking. Synonymous with fine-food, it concerns flavours and textures. One of my favourite textures is freshly melted cheese. I recently enjoyed a take on the cheeseburger at our favourite fine dining restaurant in Ottawa, Allium (87 Holland Avenue). The defining element of the wonderful experience for me was the melted La Sauvagine cheese that literally draped itself over my fingers as I ate. Softer than a brie, the texture of the melted cheese embodied... | Continue reading article

Quick Walk-through of Newly Opened Thimble Cakes

On our way to run some errands last Saturday, Jenn and I happened by Thimble Cakes in Centretown. According to journalism student and fellow Ottawa food blogger Hilary Duff (no, not Hilary Duff), Thimble Cakes is Centretown’s second specialty bakery, selling cupcakes. The first is baker Mandy Lunan’s Aunti Loo’s Treats (507 Bronson Avenue), which opened October 2009. Thimble Cakes happened to be Duff’s first stop in her odyssey to find Ottawa’s “perfect cupcake.” Duff has made it her quest to try cupcakes from Ottawa’s many purveyors, both brick and mortar cupcakeries and special-order businesses.... | Continue reading article

Food Shop Walkthrough: Art-Is-In’s New Home and Storefront

During the past summer, the stalls at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, located in Lansdowne Park (1015 Bank Street), were busy. Ottawa seemingly developed quite the taste for locally grown and locally produced products. The busiest, the stall with the longest line-up, tended to be the one leading to Art-Is-In. Art-Is-In is the artesanal bakery that produces much of the bread served in Ottawa’s fine food restaurants. It is also the bread used by several cafe’s in the National Capital Region to make some stand-out sandwiches, even paninis. Courtyard Restaurant Sanguiccio Edgar Courtyard Restaurant (21 George... | Continue reading article

Speaking of the French Baker: Two Year’s Croissants

During our 2008 “staycation”, Jenn and I wandered the ByWard Market and stopped for freshly baked croissants from the French Baker on Murray Street (119). Here is a croissant from Owner Jérôme Mantel’s legendary bakery that summer: French Baker Croissant (circa 2008) Cross-Section Here is the “a-style” sandwich sign, belonging to the French Baker’s adjoining restaurant from our visit Benny’s Bistro Sandwich Sign and the bakery’s business card. Business Card After we finished our ByWard Market culinary tour, lead by C’est Bon Cooking‘s Paola St-George (@cestboncooking), Jenn and I again stopped into the French Baker... | Continue reading article

Wordless Wednesday: Utane Carrot Bread

According to, “Utane” bread is available at Asian chain supermarket T&T in carrot and multi-grain flavours. Guess which one had us speechless? Utane Carrot Bread from T&T The Bread Itself

Cupcake Epiphany at The Flour Shoppe’s Grand Opening

A little overcast greeted The Flour Shoppe on its grand opening. Its walls, newly painted with lilac purples and cream whites. Its floors newly tiled. Its stainless steel chairs, gleaming. And, its tables, freshly cleaned of cupcake crumbs. A line-up out the door would form when the sun broke through the clouds. The Flour Shoppe StoreFront Now Open Nestled in the heart of the Glebe, it is auspicious. Owner/Baker Melissa Somers held her grand opening in association with United Way Ottawa. A portion of the day’s sales were donated to the local charity. She offered... | Continue reading article

Odds and Ends: 2009/2010 Post Outtakes

After most posts, we usually end up with a number of photos on the “cutting room floor.” I find them as I tidy up directories, wondering what backlogged posts we have yet to address. With foodiePrints a hobby and Jenn and I working during the day, our backlogged posts seem like an insurmountable tide we fight to push back. That said, some of the photos are post-worthy. They just didn’t fit in the posts…um posted. Here are 8 months worth of “outtakes.” Fraser Cafe For Mother’s Day, Jenn and I wrote up our visiting Fraser... | Continue reading article