Ottawa Croissant Battle: Results of the Roundup

Battle of The Pastries on Omnivore’s Ottawa Ron Eade, the food editor of for the Ottawa Citizen (a local newspaper), just posted the results of this weekend’s croissant battle on Omnivore’s Ottawa, with additional information on Bridgehead’s croissant entry. Bridgehead’s test kitchen is still working on the croissant recipe. As promised from our previous post, here is the top 5: Le Moulin de Provence($1.85/each) French Baker($1.80/each) Ottawa Bagel Shop($1.25/each) Wild Oat($1.75/each) Harvest Loaf($1.50/each) Bridgehead($1.95/each) Bridgehead and Harvest Loaf’s croissants tied for fifth. Here are Jenn’s notes from the tasting for the top 5 croissants. Le... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Croissant Battle: A Round Up

What happens when you gather 3 food bloggers, one the food editor of a local newspaper (Ottawa Citizen), into a coffee house with croissants from 8 local bakeries? Croissants Round Up You get a croissant round up akin to the one Apartment613 blog put together February 2009. Originally, we intended to get together to just compare Bridgehead‘s newly released in-house-made croissants with their former croissants, ones sourced from the French Baker. French Baker’s are easily the croissants other bakeries measure theirs against. The compare evolved, growing to include croissants from 6 more bakeries, including a... | Continue reading article

And we’re Bagelling Again…

Earlier this March, we posted a writup on Ottawa Tonite on the subject of Montreal-style bagels from two Ottawa bagelries. While, we have visited the Continental Bagel Company in the Byward Market (55 Byward Market Square), this post involved bagels from the Ottawa Bagel Shop (1321 Wellington Street) and one of the Kettleman’s (2177 Carling Avenue) Clash of Ottawa’s Montreal-Style Bagel Titans The last time I asked Ottawa tweeps where they source their favourite bagels, there was some contention between former Montreal residents. While they agreed Ottawa-baked bagels don’t compare to authentic Montreal-baked bagels, they... | Continue reading article

Bun Battle: Kowloon Market vs. T&T

In Ottawa, the battle between big box and locally owned has descended upon Chinatown. With a newly opened T&T supermarket, the Vancouver originating chain‘s 4th largest in Canada, pressure has been applied on Chinatown. Chinatown shops are smaller, locally-owned, and specialized in Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Malay groceries. The monopoly the shops once enjoyed is gone. Now, the formerly pre-eminent Kowloon Market in Chinatown, once an extremely crowded and bustling business, has lost significant customer-base. The store is far less busy on Saturdays, normally peek shopping hours. Parents who drop off their children for Saturday... | Continue reading article

EndorphinBuzz and Bakery

Please follow me in congratulating dear friend and foodiePrints follower, Yannick. It has been a week since he stepped triumphantly onto the blogosphere with EndorphinBuzz, a running blog that serves as a diary for his training, “endurance adventures”, and subtle reflections on life, the universe and everything. While I’m not sure if Yannick is a Douglas Adams fan, I enjoy reading about his progress to transition from marathon runner to triathlete. Those of us who know him are betting that, after he masters the triathlon, he will look for another challenge like the iron man.... | Continue reading article

Food to Power a Study Session

What do you do when you’ve a final exam in your evening French course, you’ve decided to head down to your former university’s main library (Morissette) to study, and you’re famished? You determine that the most efficient path to sustenance is to go to the main campus cafeteria. There, you re-discover the horrors of post-secondary cafeteria food. Apparently, my former university, the illustrious University of Ottawa, decided to renew its exclusive food service contract for its entire campus with Chartwells, an organization whose principle customer are local area public high schools. Rationale? Perhaps management collectively... | Continue reading article

The Ottawa Bagel Shop: Great Bagels, Pricey Food

One of the attractions of living in the Wellington Village is proximity to so many great eateries. Some are even characteristic of Ottawa. Take for instance the Ottawa Bagel Shop. When asked what are their favourite purveyors of bagels, Ottawa natives usually point to one of three: the Continental Bagel Bakery (in the Byward Market Square), Kellerman’s Bagel’s (several franchises are located across Ottawa), and the Ottawa Bagel Shop (in the Wellington Village). Bagged Bagels Cream Cheese Bagel When I discovered what a wood-fired sesame seed bagel tastes like from the Ottawa Bagel Shop, I... | Continue reading article

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with Moon Cake

In 2006, I was invited to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with Jenn’s family and friends. Also known as the Moon festival, the event celebrates the harvest and dates back 3000 years. According to, the festival originated in China’s Shang Dynasty and is now held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, which translated to sometime mid or late September in the Gregorian calendar. The legend and lore that are associated with the festival are rather complicated to explain and come in several versions. Five, are included in the... | Continue reading article