Art-Is-In Bread – You’ll Crave it!

Lobster Two Ways During our visit to Le Petit Bill’s Bistro last week, an item on the tasting menu had us discussing the virtues of choosing artisanal bread for dishes. The tasting menu was meant to celebrate the bistro’s first birthday. The menu item that had us discussing bread was a two ways serving of lobster: bisque and creamed. The creamed lobster was served on a rather stale piece of pan fried rye bread. It was an unfortunate dish. Were the bistro to have employed fresh artisanal white bread such as a baguette, the base... | Continue reading article

RIP Trillium Bakery (???-Oct. 2007)

Trillium Bakery Sometime last fall, around Thanksgiving, the Trillium Bakery at 1311 Wellington Street West closed its doors to customers. The bakery specialized in making bakery and deserts that were free of wheat, sugar, or dairy. It catered to people with specific dietary restrictions and was highly recommended by various health-related associations. This includes the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. According to a review in the Ottawa Xpress, Trillium made a “mean” Chelsea Bun. Unfortunately, when my better half chanced by the bakery during its last days, there were no Chelsea Buns left.... | Continue reading article

Fresh Rolls from the RichTree Marché Frais

Before Jenn and I embarked on our trip to Vancouver we had to purchase some luggage to accomodate packing several weeks’ worth of clothes. When Sears advertised a “Super Saturday” sale, we made our way to the Rideau Centre early one Saturday morning. For those of you unfamiliar with Super Saturday sales, when Sears opens, a limited number of shoppers are given “scratch and save cards” for discounts between 10% and 30% off the regular price of merchandise. Since the Rideau Center opens before Sears opens, Jenn and I arrived at the shopping center at... | Continue reading article

What makes New York Bagels Distinctive? An extra 2 inches!

Multi-Grain Bagel Cross Section What is 3 inches thick, bready, and has a hole in the middle? The answer: A multi-grain New York Bagel. For Ottawa foodies who are more accustomed to Montreal-style bagels, these gargantuan bagels are quite the surprise. Montreal-style bagels are typically an inch thick. Their American cousins are 3 times that size. Fresh from New York, my multi-grain bagel had a similar flavour to equivalent Montreal-style bagels that I have tried, but it was much more bready. The texture was softer and less chewy. Eating one New York bagel is equivalent... | Continue reading article

The Great Lebanese Meat Pie (Lahem bi Ajeen) Freezer Experiment

Alladin Bakery Eat for a Dollar Gas-Fired Oven Meat-Only Meat With Cheese Two weeks ago, my better half and I found the west-end location of Alladin bakery in Ottawa, 1801 Carling Avenue. It happened to be within busing distance of our condo in the Wellington Village. This west-end location is far more conveniently located than Alladin’s other location on St. Laurent Road (1020), which is in the east-end of Ottawa. At Alladin, we purchased a dozen meat-only meat pies and two meat with cheese meat pies. The baker was happy to oblige, but advised us... | Continue reading article

Chicken-Stuffed Pitas from the Middle East Bakery

Middle East Bakery Front Window Counter Pita is traditional to many Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines as an ingredient and predominant component of meals. It is torn into pieces and used to scoop sauces or dips, such as hummus or baba ganoush. It is used to wrap sandwiches such as gyros, donairs, and shawarmas. Traditional pita is made by baking flattened rounds of dough at high temperatures, approximately 700°F. This causes air to expand inside of the round, puffing up the dough, and creating a pocket. When removed from the oven, the thin layers of baked... | Continue reading article

Lebanese Meat Pies (Lahem bi Ajeen) from the Alladin Bakery

Lahem bi Ajeen Meat with Cheese A friend of mine introduced me to a Lebanese fast food, called Lahem Bi Ajeen (or Lahm bi’ajeen), earlier this year. Lahem Bi Ajeen are essentially open-face meat pies. They are made with a yeast leavened bread dough and topped with a spiced ground lamb mixture. It can be likened to a pizza, but the crust is much thinner and these meat pies are usually served folded in two. Condiments include cheese, lemon juice, and/or a hot sauce. According to several reputable source, there are two really good places... | Continue reading article

Chinese-style birthday cake

St-Honore On my way down Somerset this weekend, I noticed that the second last dedicated Chinese bakery has closed its doors. The Golden Horse bakery, a former staple of Ottawa’s little Chinatown is no more. In its place is yet another Vietnamese pho noodle house: Pho Bo Ga La. This only leaves the St-Honore bakery, which is located at 363 Booth Street. Cake Sliced Serving Most people only know of St-Honore because it sells Chinese buns. However, it also sells Chinese-style birthday cakes as well. These cakes are both light and airy. They consist of... | Continue reading article