Beer Friday – Italian brews

Italian beers Italian beers

I left for my trip to Italy with a list of requests: olive oil, coffee, spices, limoncello etc… From Katy Watts (Sheltered Girl Meets World), Ottawa’s source of all things beer, I had a request for an Italian beer. But she requested it not be Perroni which is widely available in Canada. While Italy does have a small but growing craft beer industry (they even have an app called “iMicrobirriffici ” , it is still a wine country. Although I searched my local supermarkets and kept my eyes peeled at restaurants and bars (a bar in Italy... | Continue reading article

Beer Friday – Happy Birthday Canada!

Although I will be in Italy this Canada Day (thinking of you every moment, dear Readers, every moment), may I suggest you enjoy a nice cold beer? After all, what could be more Canadian than a beer and a patio, or a beer and a dock at the cottage? And may I suggest a nice Scottish ale from Innis & Gunn? “A Scottish beer, Claire? Could you not find a nice local brew?” It is certainly true that we have many fine and enjoyable beers, but Innis & Gunn have created a Limited Edition Canada... | Continue reading article

Beer Fridays: Craft Beers (and Cheese) of Ontario

When a person finds something new or sees something beautiful, his or her first instinct is to share it with someone else: “come look at this rainbow”, “you must try this new restaurant.” On Tuesday evening, I attended a beer and cheese event hosted by Savvy Company and sponsored by the Ontario Craft Brewers. Held at Ottawa’s own Kichesippi Brewery, there were five local breweries and brew pubs showing their wares: The Old Mill at Ashton Country Pub and Brewery, The Clocktower Brew Pub and Big Rig Brewery. The idea behind the event was to... | Continue reading article

Beer Fridays: A Summer Series

Crabbie's Ginger Beer Crabbie's Ginger Beer

Last summer I wrote a series of short pieces on affordable summer wines, perfect for the patio or the BBQ. This summer, as I have been increasingly drawn to beer (I blame Justin Van Leeuwen who, in addition to being a great photographer, is a keen beer aficionado), I thought it might be fun to cover beers on Fridays.  This not only gives me an excuse to try more and varied beers, it might also stop me from turning Wine Wednesdays into Assorted Spirits Middles of the Week. This week’s beer is not made from... | Continue reading article

First Impressions of Brothers Beer Bistro: Inspired by Grain to Beer Philosophy

Cameron's Sparkling Ale Cameron's Sparkling Ale

One of the food trends enjoying a resurgence these days is “Nose-to-Tail,” a term that legend says was coined by British chef and food icon Fergus Henderson. It refers to the philosophy of finding uses for everything from an animal, be it more familiar mainstream cuts or less recognizable offal. The philosophy has been extended to plants. Cooking “Roots-to-Leaves,” chefs find ways to employ every piece on one plate, leaves, stems, flowers, even roots. Chef Darren Flowers cooks “Grain-to-Beer” at newly launched Brothers Beer Bistro (366 Dalhousie Street) in the ByWard Market, employing everything from... | Continue reading article

Welsh Rarebit and Barley Days Brewery

Another in our #IndulgePEC series, this Wine Wednesday is, yet again, about beer (I guess we should be calling it Beer, Wine and Assorted Spirits Wednesday, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it). Barley Days was, in fact, our first stop on what would prove to be a thrillingly exhausting weekend of good food, gales of laughter, and a few wrong turns on country roads. Barley Days Brewery is a small brewery, currently producing three beers year round  and a number of seasonals throughout the year. When we stopped in, their Spring... | Continue reading article

Garçon! There’s Beer in my Food!?!

Soon to Open Brothers Bistro Soon to Open Brothers Bistro

Of all the times a lowly food blogger should admit he doesn’t get beer, the day before a media event to help launch a new locally-owned and operated beer bistro probably isn’t appropriate. That is especially true if said food blogger is invited. Still, while I don’t take well to drinking beer, I have visited a few breweries in my time, learning aspects of the age old art of converting grain to golden elixer. And, I love cooking with it. Beer imparts wondrous flavours to dishes. Dark beers like stout or porter work surprisingly well... | Continue reading article

FestiBière de Gatineau – our very own beer festival (May 25th to the 27th)

Mario: in life, I have to be faithful to my wife. With beer? I can have a blonde, a brunette and a red-head! Mario: in life, I have to be faithful to my wife. With beer? I can have a blonde, a brunette and a red-head!

Yes, you read that right, kids. The Nation’s Capital will soon be enjoying its second beer festival of 2012. “Beer festival?” you ask. “That sounds like fun! Are we allowed to have fun in the Nation’s Capital?” Indeed, my friends, we are. In the capable hands of Mario d’Eer and the organizing committee, this weekend promises to be a family-filled affair! “Wait a minute, Claire, a family affair? You mean fun-filled, right?” No, dear reader, I mean a family-filled affair. When I met Mario D’Eer, author of several beer books and founder of the Festibière... | Continue reading article