Wine Wednesday: Who’s a Big Boy Now? Kichesippi Turns Two

Kichesippi Kichesippi

Kichesippi Beer Company opened its doors in 2010, launching its Natural Blonde, an all malt Pale Ale, with light crisp notes of lemon, apricot and some hoppy bitterness at the end. In 2011, a darker beer, 1855, joined the line-up. Named for the year in which Ottawa became a city, this beer is a brown ale with a more pronounced caramel flavour and a sweeter finish. For its second anniversary, the brew master at Kichesippi created a limited edition Maibock: although amber in colour and higher in alcohol at 6.3%, this beer is not heavy.... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday: The Morning After

Coeur Brisé Beer So… how was your Valentine’s Day? Although I hope it was everything you wanted it to be, whether a lovely evening of relaxation alone with a glass of wine, or with your loved one(s), or a night on the town with fine dining and finer company, it is true that Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people dread the day and the pressure that it brings to be one of two. Others sweat it out, hoping that they bought just the right gift, chose just the right restaurant, and... | Continue reading article

#ottDrinksToTheSeason: Chocolate Beer

Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout Although the major holidays are over (Eid, Hanukkah, and Christmas), there are still some who will be celebrating in the days ahead: Orthodox Christmas and the Epiphany occur in early January. For those of you still celebrating the season, may I suggest another of the yummy winter beers available at this time of year? In that spirit (no pun intended), I opened a bottle of Muskoka Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout, reasoning that nothing could be more festive than chocolate and cranberries! Called “Winter Beard,” the label reminded me of a Quebec... | Continue reading article

#ottDrinksToTheSeason: And a Beer… in a Tree

A trio of Seasonal beer When you think of Christmas beverages, your mind probably turns to eggnog or mulled wine, perhaps warm cider or a hot toddy. Few of us think of beer when it comes to the Holiday Season but there are, in fact, quite a few breweries making winter ales, or holiday beers. As you know, I am willing to go to great lengths on behalf of our readers so I undertook to sample some of the seasonal beverages available at the LCBO. I was also lucky enough to receive some Cameron’s holiday... | Continue reading article

Beau’s “Buy Your Beer Online” Program Shut Down and What You Can Do

The following is rather sad news about the “By Your Beer Online” (BYBO) program Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company setup in partnership with Operation Come Home (OCH), a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to helping street youth (ages 16 to 30). The program that saw the popular Vankleek Hill-based and family-run microbrewery hire at-risk youth to home-deliver beer ordered online has been shut down after only a single day in operation. The following is just about the only verbatim media/press release foodiePrints has ever published. But, before we continue, please note neither the release nor the... | Continue reading article

Meet Broadhead Brewery, Ottawa’s Newest Brewery

We all dream, from time to time, of running away and joining the circus, but few of us ever do. But Jason, Jaimie, Josh and Shane did just that. Full-time engineers and IT professionals, they have run away, albeit part-time to start, and joined the circus. Their brewery started brewing beer in September and selling their beer in October. While they maintain full-time jobs, they have big dreams. On a ridiculously gorgeous Saturday, I headed to the Broadhead Brewery. Located in an unassuming industrial area near Hunt Club, the brewery is surrounded by plumbers, cleaning... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday: A Rose By Any Other Name…

I bought The Flying Monkeys‘ Smashbomb Atomic IPA (LCBO $ 12.95/6) because, you guessed, it, the name amused me. What I did not realise is that it would the source of an argument over what is or is not an IPA. Not your run of the mill twist off bottle caps Cute sayings under caps IPA is also known as India Pale Ale. As you can see from the photos, this beer is amber in colour, hence the argument. My beer drinking companion maintained that IPAs should be, well, pale (after all they are called... | Continue reading article

Kichesippi is Better than Brains!

The husband of friend and fellow Ottawa food blogger Jodi Lariviere (Simply Fresh) put together a commercial, showcasing how locally brewed Kichesippi Beer‘s appeal transcends mere “human consumption.” Kristian, an amateur filmmaker, wrote and shot the short digital film in 6o days for Digi60‘s DigiKichesippi 2011 summer contest. The contest started June 21st and ended August 20th. Kristian’s film won first prize. Submissions were judged by co-owner Paul Meek and Kichesippi Breweries. Winning entries have been posted to the Digi60 website.