#PlantitForward into Summer

Promoting #PlantitForward on Rogers Daytime Ottawa Promoting #PlantitForward on Rogers Daytime Ottawa

It’s been a gorgeous summer so far. A good mix of hot and cool temperatures, rain and lots of sunshine have made this year’s planting of herbs and vegetables a dream here at the foodiePrints household. While Don and I have always planted our own crops of food, this year we really got into it thanks to the #PlantitForward initiative from Kashi Canada. The Kashi Plant it Forward campaign is a partnership between Kashi and Evergreen, a national not-for-profit organization that inspires action to green cities. The goal of the campaign is to support and... | Continue reading article

Fresh Taste of Urban from Sobeys: Oasis in a Downtown Food Desert

Sobeys Urban Fresh on Metcalfe Sobeys Urban Fresh on Metcalfe

“Better Food For All,” states Sobeys’ marketing material, be it in ad-space online or in print-space on flyers or free commuter newspapers. Even two-rung bicycle racks in Ottawa’s downtown core have been pressed into service. Those of us in the National Capital Region who readily consume increasingly location-specific social media, our feeds seem replete with Sobeys-sponsored mentions lately. “Better Food News.” “Better Summer #summerofsizzle” “Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better” … with Jamie Oliver “#BetterBurgers,” all chuck… neither additives nor preservatives Founded in Stellarton, Nova Scotia by John W. Sobey in 1907, the now... | Continue reading article

#PlantitForward: Kashi #Giveaway

Weather-wise, May was a strange month. Hot summery temperatures were followed by cool brisk days and frosty nights. My principal raised her eyebrow when I turned up to work one day in shorts and a tank top, only to laugh when she noticed black dress pants and a tailored shirt over my arm. We had two frost warnings. Don and I saw people walking around in their North Face jackets in the evenings. I had a few seedlings wither away during the second frost because I forgot to cover up my pots. I really should... | Continue reading article

#PlantitForward: Plant, Grow and Eat!

Starting my spring garden Starting my spring garden

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve helping my parents water and harvest the seemingly endless variety of vegetables from our backyard garden. Each year, the garden grew larger as they added to it. From snow peas to broad beans, winter melons, fuzzy squash, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini, Swiss chard, chives, green onions, the soil yielded many tasty treat. Strawberries made a brief appearance and, five years ago, a crab-apple tree. Just thinking about those sweet sun-kissed strawberries has me drooling. I think it’s safe to say that my parents did an adequate job... | Continue reading article

Product Review: Fresh Attitude Stir Fry

FA Stir Fries (photo courtesy of Veg Pro International) FA Stir Fries (photo courtesy of Veg Pro International)

Entering the third month of 2015, it’s a good chance for me to take a step back and see how I’m doing with my new year resolutions. While I may not have a list stuck to the fridge door or on my bulletin board, I do keep a mental checklist of my goals: drink more water, consume less sugar, lose five pounds, and eat healthier. How am I doing so far? I would like to think I’m not doing too badly. I’ve gotten used to carrying a water bottle in my bag and, with the... | Continue reading article

Seed to Sausage General Store: Paying it Forward

Seed to Sausage General Store Seed to Sausage General Store

Were I to write a book about the Ottawa food scene, I would dedicate a chapter to artisan producers and farmers. The nation’s capital is known for its brief stint as Silicon Valley North. History recognizes Ottawa for its lumber. But, before telecom companies, the timber rafts, or even Colonel John By and his regiment of somewhat unruly British soldiers, there were farmers. There were artisan producers who added “value” to local meat and produce. Both sold their goods at the market By would create in Lowertown. Ottawa has a new resident artisan producer, Seed... | Continue reading article

Homecookin’: Some Snapshots From My Kitchen

Shin of Beef Pot Roast Shin of Beef Pot Roast

The Ides of March have come to pass with many things food gracing our social medial channels. Ottawa keeps demonstrating there is good eating to be had. Food entrepreneurs continue to fill out the spectrum of dining options from low to high-end. Locals just have to have an open mind and look around. Personally, I’ve been cooking of late without plating anything for the tripod-mounted camera, soft box, or speedlites. So, it’s time to resurrect our “relatively wordless” post format (not to be confused with the more meaningful “bunch-of-stuff” format) and share some snapshots from... | Continue reading article

Bunch of Stuff: Ottawa Start’s “Essential,” Navarra in Eat On/Eat Out, and Cardamom and Cloves Opens

Navarra Restaurant Navarra Restaurant

Ottawa Start’s “Essential” Earlier this month, we discovered the source for community-oriented news and events in Ottawa released its annual round-up of “essential blogs.” And, we were on it. 9. foodiePrints There are so many great food blogs in Ottawa. I really like Don, Jenn and Claire’s blog because they are so excited about finding great food in Ottawa, at restaurants, grocery stores, markets, food trucks, or wherever else they happen to be. For years, founder Glen Gower’s had a “b-list,” second-string blogs that made great resources, but were only borderline “essential.” For years,... | Continue reading article