Ottawa Farmers’ Market: Christmas at Lansdowne this Sunday

For a number of months now, foodiePrints has been submitting events to‘s Glen Gower for inclusion in weekly event roundups. It has been an absolute pleasure, our already maintaining a calendar of local food events on‘s list lets us highlight not-to-miss events. This week, Gower’s reminder email to submit events asked not only to provide an event but why they are important, personally. This week, I submitted the fourth and last Christmas at Lansdowne market, organized by the Ottawa Farmers’ Market. Here is the typically wordy email I sent. In the interest... | Continue reading article

Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Gourmet Cooking on Nintendo

Ever looked through the bins in the electronics section of a supermarket? You never know what you’ll find! Personal Trainer: Cooking I really wish this software title was available when I went to university. It would have been the perfect gift for a friend who was learning to cook. After instructing him on the finer points of making toast, instant noodles, and fried eggs over ICQ instant messaging and MSN messenger, giving him something he could pop into his Game Boy would have been helpful. With verbal instructions, recipes, videos, shopping list of ingredients, and... | Continue reading article

The Piggy Market and the Ontario Table – updated

In The Ontario Table, author, teacher, and culinary activist Lynn Ogryzlo issues a call to action for Ontarians to recognize the economic importance of buying locally grown food. If everyone in our province spends $10 of their household’s weekly grocery budgets on food grown in the province, $2.4 billion would be injected into the agricultural industry, helping it grow and become sustainable. We picked up our copy of Lynn’s book at The Piggy Market (400 Winston Avenue). We at foodiePrints have been longtime shoppers of the self-professed local and artisan delicatessen, it having celebrated its... | Continue reading article

Art-Is-In Everywhere: Marché Vieux Hull and ArtsPark

First off, to the good people at Art-Is-In Bakery, Kevin Mathieson and his staff, we are NOT stalking you! It just so happens Jenn and I find your tents, selling your fine bakery seemingly everywhere in Ottawa. We are not complaining. If your aim is to make good bread, delicate buttery croissants, flaky danishes, and other such lovely pastries ubiquitous, more power to you! I am just happy to know I can now buy bread on Thursdays at Marché Vieux Hull on Rue Laval in Gatineau, about a 5 minute walk from my office building.... | Continue reading article

Mini Media-Release Tuesday: Parkdale Field House Tasting and Toast – updated

Anyone who visited Parkdale Park to participate in the Hintonburg Tulip Festival this past Saturday saw this year’s launch of the adjacent Parkdale Farmers Market. Hintonburg Tulip Festival Poster The Parkdale Market’s return is a relief to those of us who witnessed the $1.2 million redevelopment project that tore out the park’s playground and displaced vendors to the sidewalks along Armstrong Street last fall, part of the Recreational Infrastructure Ontario Program. The funding also paid for significant renovations to the park’s “field house”, transforming it from just a change room/restroom and storage space to something... | Continue reading article

Fun Friday: A Beaver’s Adventure at Serious Cheese

Don and I can often be found in Old Ottawa South Saturday afternoons. Until recently, we had very little opportunity to venture out into that part of Ottawa. However, since I started doing weekend tutoring with high school students, Don and I have taken time to explore the culinary sights of the neighbourhood, after the sessions of course. In the past month, Don has had a major hankering for cheese, especially mac n’ cheese. To satisfy his cravings, we visited Life of Pie and Serious Cheese, two great eateries/stores on Bank Street. Since then, we’ve... | Continue reading article

Morning in the ByWard Market Farmer’s Market

The first weekend of April saw spring-like conditions with warmer temperatures and bright sunlight. With the promise of more sunshine this week, Jenn and I can’t help counting down the weeks until the farmer’s markets open in May. Although the ByWard Market itself is open year-round for vendors, it is the farmer’s market of agri-vendors that draws crowds of people during the week, particularly during the weekends. You can feel the buzz in the air as Ottawans wander the stalls, packed with their arrays of fresh produce and plants, jewelry and crafts, fresh-cut flowers, and... | Continue reading article

Food Shop Walkthrough: A little something about Boushey

It was with some sadness I came across a story on CBC News about the funeral for Ottawa businessman and merchant Charles Boushey. According to the CBC, his funeral drew hundreds of locals, many longtime shoppers at the downtown Elgin Street grocery store that carries his name Jenn and I visited Boushey’s Fruit Market (348 Elgin Street) infrequently. After seeing his photo, we realized we had met Boushey. Disarmingly warm and friendly, he struck up a conversation every time I came across him, several while he was working the cash and till. Boushey’s had its... | Continue reading article