A Jam Obssession and Meeting Chef Michael Sunderland – updated

Dear Readers, I have a confession to make. I love jam. I mean, I really really love jam. I’m almost as obsessed with jam as I am with Hello Kitty. In fact, I have six essential food groups: rice, noodles, eggs, fruits, Pascale’s ice cream, and jam. That pretty much sums up my diet with some chips and cookies sprinkled in here and there. I should probably also mention Don doesn’t agree with my food groups. Though, he does enjoy eating foods from those groups. Our fridge currently has six jars of assorted jams in... | Continue reading article

In search of great artisanal jam… – updated

Last week, I posted a pair of Food Shop Walkthroughs, both of ByWard Market shops, one of Market Organics (126 York Street) and the other, the Tea Party (119 York Street). At the end of each post, I asked readers why I visited the food shop, hinting I was looking for something Jenn and I believe should be added to Ottawa Magazine’s next 101 Tastes to Try, perhaps the 2010 edition. That something is jam, jam that is made seasonally. It happens to be some of the finest, Jenn and I have ever tasted. Though... | Continue reading article

Food Shop Walkthrough: Market Organics

Market Organics After being thoroughly delighted by wandering through the Tea Party (119 York Street Ottawa), my search took me to Market Organics (126 York Street), formerly the Natural Food Pantry, across the street. There, I discovered what one of the cashiers told me is the largest purveyor of organics in Ottawa. Indeed, the store is expansive, now occupying the entire first floor of the building at 126 York. According to its website, it supplies the “finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Magazine 101 Tastes to Try Checklist – updated

Well, the Ottawa Magazine finally posted its 101 Tastes To Try Before You Die list on its re-vamped website. The list was original published in its September 2009 issue. Though some amendments to the online list were made to account for products no longer available. Local food bloggers have taken notice, setting up checklists on their blogs. Kaitlin (@kaitli) of Heartful Mouthful put hers up yesterday. Lana (@lana_stewart) of Apron Strings followed suit shortly thereafter. When in Rome Beau’s Lug Tread Beer (yes and met the brewmaster) Pascale’s ice cream (love Pascale’s) Bryson Farm’s baby... | Continue reading article

A Little Background on C’est Bon Cooking – updated

We at foodiePrints are very lucky to be able to call Chef AndrĂ©e Riffou and Paola St-Georges of C’est Bon Cooking friends. These two entrepreneurs are actively lending their voices to a growing chorus, singing the praises of Ottawa’s evolving culinary scene. Their walking tour of the ByWard Market is groundbreaking. The first of C’est Bon Cooking’s “Foods of Ottawa” tours, it lets residents and visitors alike “experience the city through our award-winning restaurants and ethnic, gourmet, and fine food shops.” They recently launched a combined tour and cooking class that begins with a shopping... | Continue reading article

Snippets from C’est Bon Cooking’s ByWard Market Tour

The last two weeks of July and first two of August are prime vacation times. During these four weeks, the school year has already ended. Summer school is winding down. Summer camp has had its run. Home renovations and landscaping projects are nearly complete. Where I work, it is actually referred to as the “summer lull”, a slowdown that results from significant numbers of personnel, taking vacation. Many project teams are reduced to skeleton staff. Remaining staff are often rotated into critical roles to ensure service levels to high priority projects are maintained. These days,... | Continue reading article

Food Shop Walkthrough: 42 Fine Foods

Located deep in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood (also known as Beechwood), at a corner of residential Union Street, Forty-Two Crichton Street Fine Foods (42 Fine Foods) is a self-dubbed “take-with” shop with “unofficial seating.” Having opened in September, it will celebrate it’s 10th month anniversary this July. During the past 10 months, Chef/Owner Susan Jessup and her staff seem to have firmly established a take-home food shop with a local-food philosophy. This, in the former cozy location of New Edinburgh’s original Scone Witch. Shop Window Front Door 42 Fine Foods boasts a constantly changing menu... | Continue reading article

Food Shop Walkthrough: La Bottega Nicastro

The gourmet deli and food shop La Bottega Nicastro is a staple source of Italian fine food from olive oil to cheeses, balsamic vinegars, in-house made pickles, and the odd in-house made artisan cured meats. An Italian grocery for over 30 years, it has been owned an operated by Pat Nicastro for the past 15. Pat is the son of Joe Nicastro, the proprietor of Nicastro’s Food Emporium on Merivale Road (1558). According to Paola St-George (@cestboncooking) of C’est Bon Cooking, the owners of the Bank Street (792) and Wellington Street W. (1355) Il Negozio... | Continue reading article