Opening Day: Ottawa’s Farmers’ Market – updated with ArtsPark 2010

Just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day, yesterday saw the opening day of the Ottawa Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park (1015 Bank Street). Now in its fifth year, vendors from the market took the opportunity to sell their locally produced goods for the first time this season. Many sold up-market products beyond fruits and vegetables. Even with the local growing season restricted to some greens, wild garlic (aka: ramps or wild leeks), asparagus, and fiddle heads, there were still many stalls open and the number of attending Ottawans slowly grew as the morning progressed. Surprisingly... | Continue reading article

Earth Day 2010

Today is again Earth Day with World Environment Day fast approaching June 5th (the first day of spring). World Environment Day was designated by the United Nations in 1972 to stimulate action on the environment. Earth Day is more American. It was designated to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Other upcoming environmentally friendly designated dates include Clean Air Day, June 2nd. Oceans Day, June 8th, which is part of a Canadian Rivers to Oceans Week (June 8th-14th). And, a national Commuter Challenge, which begins May 30 and ends June 5th. As last... | Continue reading article

Happy First Birthday Piggy Market

Last week, I attended a Prince Edward Country (PEC) wine and cheese fundraiser for Third Wall Theater Company’s 10th Anniversary season. The event, dubbed “Go Local-Go Loco”, was held at the Wallspace Gallery (358 Richmond Road). Its caterer, The Piggy Market (400 Winston Avenue). Go Local Go Loco with Third Wall Me, I was on assignment for Cheryl Gain’s when I attended the event and was delighted to have the opportunity to showcase The Piggy Market’s food. Chef/owner Dave Neil provided Prince Edward County raw and pasteurized goat, sheep, and cow’s milk cheeses; locally-produced... | Continue reading article

Leftovers from Easter: Number 57 Truffle Treasures’ Hand-made Peanut Butter Eggs

On Good Friday, Jenn and I did our annual tour up and down Wellington Street West and Richmond Road to see which eatery or fine food store was open for last minute Easter shoppers. As with last year, Truffle Treasures at 314 Richmond Road was open. Since we were invited to a dinner party that evening and our host is a chocoholic, we decided to stop by and pick up some of Truffle Treasures’ “giant” hand-made peanut butter cups for him. The peanut butter cups garnered the 57th spot in the Ottawa Magazine’s 101 Tastes... | Continue reading article

Editor: Good-bye Winter and Hello Spring!

With spring just a day away, Ottawa has seen some beautiful and unusual weather the past few days. Can you recall a March in which there was hardly any snow left on the ground? Or, how about days of endless sunshine? Nope, I didn’t think so! With the majority of elementary and high school students enjoying their March Break, I have seen many of them walking around Hintonburg and Wellington West Village in their spring/summery clothing. Many of them were just coming out of the bakeries with cookies and sweets in their hands while others... | Continue reading article

An Evening with Ron Eade and the Chicken Farmers – updated

On January 25, 2010 Ryan Anderson (@ryananderson), web strategist, public relations professional, and founder of Fat Canary Communications, contacted me with a url to an event at Ottawa’s Urban Element. Sponsored by the Chicken Farmers of Canada, its guest speaker would be the Ottawa Citizen’s (a local newspaper) Food Editor, Ron Eade. Billed as an “Ottawa Food Blogger Meet-up”, I was intrigued, so I signed up. According to its event details, Eade would deliver a keynote about sodium and food writing and there would be a chicken pate cooking demo. All good points. In the... | Continue reading article

Many Happy Returns to The Piggy Market: A Year End Round-Up

Piggy Market’s Art-Is-In Bread What can I say? I am rather fond of The Piggy Market (400 Winston Avenue, just off of Richmond Road) in Westboro. Jenn and I visit the high-end foodie-shop often. Yes, there are closer by storefronts in the Wellington West neighbourhood that sell some comparable goods. Saslove’s (1333 Wellington Street) sells freshly made sausages. The Ottawa Bagel Shop (1321 Wellington Street) sells Art is In Bread and raw milk cheeses. Il Negozio Nicastro (1355 Wellington Street) sells in-house made terrines, pat├ęs, and duck confit. Thyme & Again (1255 Wellington Street) sells... | Continue reading article

2 more “Terrible Breakfast Ideas”

Sometime early November, Cassandra Evanas of DivineCaroline published a blog, listing “Seven Terrible Ideas for Breakfast.” Among them were Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick (the blueberry pancakes looking oddly diseased), Vanilla Milkshake Pop Tarts, Kraft Apple Cinnamon and Cream Cheese Bagel-fuls , and Liquid Cereal. Liquid Cereal happens to be packaged in a pop can and reminded me of two equally questionable foods I came across this summer. The first, I tweeted about a week ago as something I would “not be trying again”, a hash-tagged list of foods one regrets trying... | Continue reading article