Putting Together a Canadian Care Package

Those of you who know me know that I am a proud Canadian and I fervently believe in supporting local businesses, especially locally owned restaurants. It is one of the reasons I live in an area of Ottawa that has one of the highest concentrations of locally-owned eateries and fine food stores outside of downtown Ottawa, the Wellington Village. Imagine my glee when I had the task of putting together a Canadian Care Package to send to Texas. I literally had an overabundance of ideas to balance against shipping restrictions. Heavier and larger packages become... | Continue reading article

Autumn Produce: A Primer for CBC Radio’s Town and Out

It has been a wet summer, but autumn is upon us and we have had 2 glorious weeks of cool, but sunny weather in Ottawa. Labour Day has come and past. Newly minted students from the local universities have flooded city streets with music, dance, and Shinerama stickers to raise money to fund cystic fibrosis research. The sun is setting earlier. The commute to work has become more hectic. And, it is time to start thinking about what to do with the oncoming fall harvest bounty. To help out, Amrita Singh from CBC Radio 1... | Continue reading article

Live Local! Love Local! Shop Local! – Updated

Several weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to the Wellington Oracle, offering them some of my upcoming write-ups of local restaurants in the area. After all, the majority of my reviews are of eateries along Ottawa’s west-end Epicurean Row, Wellington Street W. and some of its adjoining streets. While I am trying to get to eateries in the greater Ottawa area (currently working on filling the gap for Chinatown), I live in Wellington West and, as a resident, I am proud to support many of its local businesses. Like the Wellington Oracle, please allow me... | Continue reading article

Post Canada Day Walk Through Wellington West, Hintonburg, and Chinatown

Index: Foolish Chicken, Allium Restaurant, Tea Shop 168, Harvest Loaf, Credible Edibles, Pho’Licious, 168 Market, Dong Ling, Sushi Umi I spent part of Canada Day tending to the unwieldy back log of images foodiePrints has amassed over the past two years or so. My digital camera’s image numbering reset itself once again (3rd time) and I had to establish yet another “unsorted” folder of images in the archives. In their defense, I don’t think Casio ever figured a food blogger would be lugging one of their cameras around with him everyday. The camera’s on board... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Farmers Market

Ottawa’s Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park is Ottawa’s only “all local producers” farmers’ market. That is, there are no resellers permitted. Located on the grounds beside the Aberdeen Pavilion, it also happens to be one of our larger Farmer’s Markets and opens to quite a crowd at least twice a week. Sundays (May 10- November 22: 8:00 pm-3:00pm) Saturdays (November 7, 14, and 12: 8:00 am-3:00pm) Thursdays (June 18-October 8: 1:00 pm-6:00 pm) Best of all, besides selling great produce, dairy, and meats, the Farmer’s Market also sells baked goods, crafts, sweets, and plants. It... | Continue reading article

Canadian Environment Week (May 31-June 6) – updated

According to the Environment Canada website, we are in the midst of “Environment Week.” Its intention is the same as that of Earth Day: celebrate green achievement and initiatives that address climate change and reduce pollution. It is being held to coincide with World Environment Day, June 5, 2009. To celebrate, the department proposes five easy ways to live “greener.”: Buy locally grown food Change at least one light bulb to a compact fluorescent one, preferably qualified by Energy Star to use less electricity. “Take a walk on the wild side.” Go for a hike... | Continue reading article