Instagramming Lunch and Thoughts About the State of Photo Journalism

foodiePrints on Instagram foodiePrints on Instagram

During the day, I see frequent mention of “streamlining” and “business process re-engineering.” Symptoms of a long embattled economy, organizations, both private and public sector, continue to look for efficiencies that translate into cost savings. The tenuous economy has repercussions. It may well be responsible for the increasingly confrontational dining out scene. Consider recent media coverage of dining room unrest. Chefs actively condemn murky, dark or strangely filtered smartphone snapshots of their plates. Some threaten to ban photography altogether. Restauranteurs publicly shame unruly patrons on Twitter: no shows with reservations; anyone that lingers after food... | Continue reading article

Ottawa has Street Food Fever, Complete With Lineups and Frustration

Ottawa Street Food Launch Event Ottawa Street Food Launch Event

Ottawa got a reality check last Wednesday with respect to the oncoming storm that will be our fair city being dragged into the modern world of street cuisine. Last Wednesday, the City of Ottawa hastily put together a launch event, asking food trucks and carts to assemble at Marion Dewar Plaza (City Hall) and help raise funds for the Shephards of Good Hope. Pandemonium ensued. Over 500 bracelets sold out between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on which media outlet you follow. At $10 a pop, the bracelets raised $5250 for the religious organization that... | Continue reading article

What is Giftly.com and Why Local Restauranteurs are Rightfully Upset

Giftly.com Giftly.com

Early this morning, I noticed a very strange tweet from the chef/owner of the neighbourhood sushi restaurant I frequent, Sushi Umi (1311 Wellington Street W.). Normally, Chef Chris’ tweets and Facebook page updates are less than regular, mostly business-oriented. He announces specials and new products Sushi Umi offers. Yesterday, he tweeted: @sushiumiottawa (May 7, 2013 4:01 pm) warning to all clients. this post is invalid. sushi umi never agreed to such promotion or was aware. Do not buy… http://fb.me/2iK78tFKt Randy Fitzpatrick and Dave Loan, restauranteurs of Petit Bill’s Bistro (1293 Wellington Street W.) an Zen... | Continue reading article

Beware Your Inner Monster foodie: Pretentious Foodie Bull$#!t of the Day

Don, the foodie Don, the foodie

Many people have asked how this blog came to be called “foodiePrints.” Neither a word nor a composite of related words, I developed a “predictable” canned response. Dawning a false smile, I usually explain foodiePrints is a combination of interests: food (so “foodie”) and photography (so “prints”). In all honesty, foodiePrints was an accident. Wanting to share a recipe for a more North American take on biscotti, without having to resort to copying and pasting it into multiple e-mails, I created a sub-domain and installed a content management system. The web-space was leftover from the... | Continue reading article

Comfort Food Tuesday: A Vietnamese Beef Stew

There was a time when chefs would hazard to describe their food with the dreaded c-word, “comfort.” Even inspired-by-“comfort” caused immaculately kept whites to crease, chefs bristling at the criticism. Comfort was the realm of lesser dining establishments like pubs, road houses, cafeterias, food trucks, and street carts. Times have changed. The post modernist patron (modernist as in cuisine not sociological epoch) is selectively aware of many things food, tunnel-vision thanks to the Food Network. They know about 15-minute meals, “unctuous” baked desserts, kitchen challenges, and Guy Fieri’s penchant for garbled pop culture references and... | Continue reading article

Filling out the Canadian Identity: Picard’s Cabane à Sucre Comes to Ottawa

Milles Feuilles Milles Feuilles with Maple Syrup, Chantilly Cream and Maple Butter

To our readers who grew up in North America, if you think back to your high school years, what stands out? First date? First kiss? First taste of beer? Learning to drive? I remember the cliques. I grew up before the proliferation of the World Wide Web (www). The Internet was limited to the military and academia back then. There were no social networking applications. Cell phones were enormous and exclusive to drug dealers and teenagers of extremely wealthy parents. There was no “data,” only voice. For music, we carried big yellow Sony or sleek... | Continue reading article

Top Garde Manger at Absinthe Cafe

How did you spend Monday night? If you are a food blogger, you were probably working on photos and drafting your mid-week post, lining up a week’s worth of content. Me, I did just that, only in the dining room of a bustling restaurant, Side Door Contemporary Kitchen and Bar (20 York Street). Why? Two Ottawa chefs auditioned for and made it onto the current season of Top Chef Canada: Side Door’s Chef Jonny Korecki and Courtyard Restaurant‘s Curtis Luk. [Side Door will tune into the show every Monday, keeping their kitchen open and offering... | Continue reading article

Learn to Cook, Change the World

As someone who is learning to cook, to which my two failed bakery projects this past weekend can attest, I have the following advice. Firstly, when you look at cook books, look for ones that explain why a certain method or ingredient is used. This way, you are not enslaved by heavily granular recipes. Also, look beyond cook books to culinary references that delve into flavour pairings and techniques. Secondly, avail yourself of some cooking instruction. This can range from taking a weekend course at a local culinary school to having friends over to make... | Continue reading article