My encounter with Chris Kimball: Thoughts on Cooking and the Online Food Community

Over the weekend, I had some words with Chris Kimball on Twitter. For those unfamiliar, Kimball is the founder of Cook’s Illustrated and host of the popular America’s Test Kitchen, which airs syndicated on American Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS). Most recently, Kimball is becoming known for writing an opinion editorial (op ed) for the New York Times, in which he took what amounts to those of us enthusiastic about food on the World Wide Web (WWW) to task for the fall of the Gourmet magazine. It was published October 8, 2009, several days after Gourmet’s... | Continue reading article

Fortified Highly Sweetened Processed Foods Oh My – updated

Sometime mid-May, I posted a blog entry entitled “Fortified Highly Sweetened Junk Food Oh My.” It included my thoughts about processed food manufacturers, making unjustified claims on food products that ordinarily have little nutritional value. Today, processed food is again the subject of several media exposes and discussions on the blogosphere. Some include startling revelations. According to the Globe and Mail newspaper, a survey published by the Canadian Journal of Public Health, has determined that pastas, breads, and cereals can contain anywhere from 90% to 377% of the folic acid claimed on product labels. While... | Continue reading article