Ode to Bluesfest Carrot Cake

I had the pleasure of trying carrot cake, complete with cream cheese frosting, for the first time during the month of July. It was leftover from the dinner my better half’s university-age sister brought home after spending an evening volunteering at this year’s 12-day BluesFest. She was one of the 300 volunteers who spent their time either in the volunteer area’s cafe serving food to other hard working volunteers or in the prep kitchen preparing the component ingredients of the food served. As the Ottawa Citizen’s Food Editor, Ron Eade, wrote in his piece on... | Continue reading article

18th Annual Chicken and Ribfest Competition (circa 2009) – updated

This spring, excited for the upcoming annual Chicken and Ribfest on Sparks, I tweeted my anticipation for the event, hoping to find time in my schedule to take part. In response, Ron Eade, food editor for the Ottawa Citizen, decided to “bust my bubble”, expressing his rather negative sentiments on the event. They follow: RonEade Jun 17, 07:51 AM @foodiePrints Hate to burst bubble, but the rib fest is just a traveling show to sell ribs. Chicken done in ovens, only finished on grill. RonEade Jun 17, 07:52 AM Make that, a travelling show to... | Continue reading article

Taste of Wellington West 2009 – Moved to the Fall – Updated

As a resident of Wellington West, I am very proud of our stretch of West-End Ottawa’s epicurean row. And, I do my best to support the local businesses in the neighbourhood. Thus, I look forward to the Wellington West’s Business Improvement Association‘s (BIA) “Taste of…” event every year. 2009 will be its third annual. However, spring has almost completely sprung without any sign of the event. A quick look at the BIA’s calendar of events explains why. The event has been rescheduled for the fall (September 26, 2009), making it an Autumn event instead of... | Continue reading article

WestFest 2009 Weekend – updated

Before we begin, I must apologize upfront for the quality of some of the pictures from this year’s WestFest. It was a busy weekend. Most of the pics were snapped as Jenn and I moved from station to station or during our breaks. This year, we signed up to volunteer at the festival. I took on 3 shifts (1 on Friday and 2 on Saturday), donating a total of 18 hours. She, 2 shifts (both on Saturday), donating a total of 12. My Volunteer Gear Minus My WestFest T-Shirt Astoundingly, we met an 80 year... | Continue reading article

Hintonburg ArtsPark 2009

Given that I’m awaiting the next iteration of the iPhone 3G, this is going to be as close to live-blogging/live-tweeting as foodiePrints will get for the time being. Around noon today, Jenn and I dropped by Hintonburg’s ArtsPark event in Ottawa’s Parkdale Market. It featured an art show, live music, a “Poetry Factory”, and several children’s activities. When we arrived, an entire orchestra was setting up in the drained wading pool in the “quad.” Arts Park Card Today being Mother’s Day and the event being extremely family friendly, the park was packed despite the temperature... | Continue reading article

The Travel Show in Canada’s National Capital (April 4-5, 2009)

Earlier this morning, Ron Eade of the Ottawa Citizen (a local newspaper), blogged about another event scheduled to be held in the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park. I find this somewhat interesting because he allegedly caused smoke-induced calamity at last weekend’s Ottawa Home and Garden Show. Instead of Aberdeen, Eade was invited to host a culinary demonstration in the Coliseum Building by exhibitor and participant FoodMode magazine (a local culinary magazine). There, it seems he had a flame up while grilling locally sourced lamb patties on a natural gas range. The proceeding demonstration was by... | Continue reading article

Memories of Winterlude 2009: Obama, Bacon and Beaver Tails

According to Tracey Tong, editor and writer for the Ottawa edition of the Metro (a free local commuter newspaper), the last day for skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway came and went last Thursday, March 4, 2009. This weekend’s mild weather prompted the National Capital Commission (NCC) to officially close the skateway, citing unsafe conditions. Higher temperatures weaken the ice, making it unpredictable and unsafe to skate on. Fear not! According to Tong’s article, approximately 1 million visitors took to the ice since this, the 39th, season began. Incidentally, the skateway was open 58 days... | Continue reading article

17th Annual Chicken and Ribfest Competition (circa 2008)

For a couple days in June, Sparks Street is lined with international barbecue professionals. Armed with enormous smokers and charcoal grills, they take some normally inedible cuts of meat and, through the careful application of smoke, flame, and sauce, turn them into tender and succulent delectables. The process requires skill, time, and care. With the air in the downtown core smelling of smoldering wood charcoal, it is no wonder that hundreds of workers emerge from their cubicles and pack the street to get a taste during lunch. As 2007’s Chicken and Ribfest leaflets state, it... | Continue reading article