Westfest 2008 – Traditional Aboriginal Food – updated

As always, hitting this year’s Westfest was a great way to spend a Saturday during a warm June day. West fest is an outdoor street festival that showcases local musical, visual art, dance, spoken word, and performance art talent. As before, it was a 3 day event that took place in the Westboro village of Ottawa. WestFest 5 Westboro Village’s WestFest This year, however, there was an aboriginal component to the concessions. We’ll get to that. From the direction of Wellington, Richmond was cordoned off just passed the Superstore at Kirkwood. Here is what the... | Continue reading article

Winterlude 2008: Ice, Skates, and Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails Handling the Beaver Tail Rush Several weeks ago, I came across an discussion in an online forum entitled “you know what a churro is?” A churro is a fried-dough pastry that originated in Spain and Latin America and has been imported into North America. It is sometimes referred to as a Spanish or Mexican doughnut. While a good number of participants in the online discussion were familiar with churros, one participant identified other fried dough pastries: French beignets, Italian zeppole, American elephant ears and Canadian beavertails. What is a beavertail? The following what... | Continue reading article

We spent a day the “Greek Way” – Notes from this year’s GreekFest

GreekFest 2007 The weekend before Jenn and I boarded a plane for our culinary adventures in Vancouver, Abby, one of Jenn’s former housemates and a friend of foodiePrints, joined us for our first ever outing to the Ottawa GreekFest. It was a spectacular event. We spent a glorious afternoon on the grounds of the Hellenic Community Centre, enjoying the music, the dancers, and, of course, the Greek food. I am of the opinion that there is no better way to immerse yourself in a foreign culture than partaking in its traditional cuisine. Besides, I love... | Continue reading article

We spent a day the “Turkish Way” – Notes from 2007’s Turkish Festival

One of the lesser promoted of Ottawa’s summer cultural festivals is the annual Turkish Festival. Unlike the much larger and week-long Lebanese or Greek festivals, the local newspapers barely mention the Turkish Festival. In particular, the Greek Festival is usually advertised weeks in advance of the event. During the Greek Festival, there is always an editorial, describing Greek food and how every year more and more lamb is served to attendees. The Turkish Festival shouldn’t be missed. Here are pictures and videos of the inaugural event from 2007: The inaugural event was held on a... | Continue reading article

Greekfest (August 9-19, 2007)

Dancers from Greekfest ’06 More Dancers If you’re like me and your only exposure to Greek culture is a souvlaki plate or a gyro sandwich, the Ottawa Greek Summer Festival or “GreekFest”, maybe a necessary event to attend. If not, you’d still be hard pressed to miss this annual 10-day festival and its many attractions. According this year’s motto, if you attend GreekFest, you can “Live a day the Greek Way.” The images of the dance troupes from last year’s festival comes from the photo archive on Greekfest will again be held at the... | Continue reading article

Rendez vous des saveurs de l’Outaouais (September 28-30, 2007))

One of the preeminent food fairs in the National Capital Region is the “Rendez-vous des saveurs de l’Outaouais.” Its goal is to showcase the culinary wealth of the Outaouais and surrounding regions. It features leading chefs from high end restaurants, up and coming students from several culinary schools, and, of course, marketers from various food and drink producers. The event takes place at le Maison du Citoyen (Gatineau’s City Hall). While admission is free, tasting tickets are $0.50. The cost for tastings varies on the foods and drink. They can range from 50 cents to... | Continue reading article

Lebanese Fun Festival (July 18-22, 2007)

Lebanese Fun Festival 2006 Today’s Metro has a brief article in the local news section that provides some information about the Lebanese Fun Festival that begins today. However, the article is lacking in some seminal information: location, time, place, and events. Firstly, the festival is in its 17th year and is being held on the grounds of th St. Elias Cathedral, which is located across from Mooney’s Bay at 700 Ridgewood Drive. It starts today (July 18th) and runs until July 22nd. For today and Thursday, the grounds open at 4:00pm and close at 11:00pm.... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Turkish Festival (1st annual) – July 28, 2007

Ottawa Turkish Festival During a shopping excursion to the Rideau Centre this weekend, I picked up a flier advertising Ottawa’s first annual Turkish Festival. The event is scheduled to begin 9:00 am on Saturday July 28, 2007 and festivities will last the day. It will take place at Confederation Park. Admission is free to the general public. According to the related website, the festival will feature Turkish food, live music, and folk dances. Things to see and do follow: Turkish folk dances, Rumi’s Whirling Dervishes, and authentic Turkish music Ebru, water marbling, demonstration Turkish decorative... | Continue reading article