16th Annual Chicken and Ribfest Competition (circa 2007)

Another Chicken and Ribfest competition has come and gone, with dozens of Ottawa residents congregating downtown and consuming an enormous amount of real barbecue. The Sparks Street website has yet to post the winners, but last year’s winner for Barbecue Chicken, Crabby’s, ranks highly in my book. I was less than impressed by Bad Wolf, which placed second to Crabby’s. I don’t think any of 2006’s winners for Barbecue Ribs, save for Billy Bones BBQ, showed up this year. The following is a list of competitors from the nice people at Between O’Connor &... | Continue reading article

Westfest 2007 – Westfest Burgers at the Works

Westfest Westfest is a community-oriented outdoor festival that showcases local musical, visual art, dance, spoken word, and performance art talent. It is a 3 day event that takes place entirely in the Westboro village of Ottawa. During the event, a stretch of Richmond Road, between Tweedsmuir and Golden Avenues, is cordonned off from traffic. This year it took place on Friday, June 8, 2007 and ended on Sunday, June 10, 2007. Most importantly, Westfest is free. It is sponsored by the Ontario Trilliam Foundation and local businesses, newspapers, and, of course, restaurants. WestFest The Works... | Continue reading article

Sparks Street Chicken and Rib Festival (June 20-24, 2007)

Chicken and Rib Cook-off When I went to university, the annual Sparks Street’s Chicken and Rib Festival was one of the reasons I tried my best to find work in downtown Ottawa during the spring and summer semesters. At least once during its 5 day run, I would wander down to lunch on smokey ribs or barbecued chicken. In fact, providing my schedule is flexible enough and with my manager’s blessing, I still do. The logo comes from the website. The Chicken and Rib festival is an invitational cook-off for Canadian and American teams... | Continue reading article