Local Shop Unveils New Le Creuset Steel and Supports Parkdale Food Centre (@KitchenaliaOtt)

Kitchenalia in Westboro Kitchenalia in Westboro

Every neighbourhood needs a kitchen store. The heavily gentrified Westboro, with its yoga pant-wearing, titanium stroller-pushing, latest-smartphone-wielding, and Starbuck’s coffee-guzzling residents, has Kitchenalia (274 Richmond Road). Don’t get me wrong, we visit Westboro regularly. Jenn and I see it as Kitchissippi’s answer to Centretown’s Glebe, only without the history. Jenn trains with the running club at Ottawa’s only MEC (355 Richmond Road). I frequent the newly renovated and re-opened The Piggy Market (400 Winston Avenue), an artisan butcher and delicatessen. Jenn and I adore and volunteer at Westfest, Westboro’s free and inclusive street festival that... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – Yes, I am twelve years old (Another Wine Gadget)

My ability to open a bottle of champagne on my wedding day notwithstanding, I am terrified of champagne corks. This fear has been the subject of many tweets, a blog post, and one in-person reading at Blog Out Loud. I have even tried to find Champagne gadgets that might remove the problem. It was with little hope of success then, that I approached The Final Touch Champagne Bottle Opener, a gift from my Twitter friend, @PrincessDoubt (she hung on to it for me for a year, randomly carrying it around with her in the hopes... | Continue reading article

Tempura Maki with Cured Fish, Because Cowboys Eat Sushi Too

Cowboy Maki Rolls Cowboy Maki Rolls

Fair warning, this post is going to be a lengthy one. Lions, tigers, and bears, there will be a recipe; our advocating cooking by mass; and a review of a kitchen scale. Seemingly disparate subjects, there is a connection. We accepted an inexpensive digital scale to test with our “everyday cooking,” so used it to measure the ingredients to make arctic char crudo with which we made “cowboy” maki rolls (translated: deep fried “tempura” maki rolls). It seemed the thing to do… To begin, home cooks are losing what makes them cooks, the skills and... | Continue reading article

Last Minute Gifts this Christmas

Last Minute Gifts for the Food Enthusiast Last Minute Gifts for the Food Enthusiast

Alright, there are but eight days left before Christmas. It’s time to shift gears and really get moving on that naughty and nice list. Gift Certificates Firstly, there is nothing wrong with gift certificates. “Impersonal” be damned! If you’ve a giftee who enjoys shopping, be it for the latest kitchen gadget or otherwise, more power to them! Only, we prefer gifting certificates to an entire mall. This way, giftees can shop at any store. Kitchen Gear If you would like a gift-giving guide for the foodie cook, the kind of foodie I aspire to be,... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – a wine gadget for Holiday entertaining

Hi. It’s me again…GadgetGirl with another gadget. This time I’m playing with a toy that I received as a gift. You remember our little jaunt to Prince Edward County back in March, when we visited Sandbanks Winery, the late Fifth Town Cheese, Barley Days Brewery and a host of other gorgeous spots? Well, my fellow bloggers (aka partners in crime) Jodi (SimplyFresh), Katy (Sheltered Girl¬†Meets World)¬†and Kelly (The Gouda Life), bought me a really cool wine gadget (can’t imagine why they chose a wine themed gift for me!) Unopened until now, I thought it would... | Continue reading article

Is that a Corkcicle in your bottle or are you just happy to see me?

It’s been a while since I indulged in a new toy….when my friend Greg sent me a photo from California, I knew I had to have it. It is long, smooth and surprisingly tactile. From its handle to its tapered tip, it promised countless evenings of untold pleasure…. I picked up my Corkcicle at CA Paradis, my favourite toy store, for $25. As I wrote in my piece on another wine gadget, you can chill wine from the outside in or vice versa. Most people use a frozen wine sleeve that fits around a bottle... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday: Batteries not included

Contents of box - cork retriever and sleeve Contents of box - cork retriever and sleeve

Walking around Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market on EastOver weekend, my eyes alighted on a kitchen gadget/supply store… a veritable Ali Baba’s cave of fringe appliances, from strawberry hullers looking like dentist tools to electric mini-pie makers (a true fringe appliance if ever there were one!) The wine gadget tractor beam locked on to me and I was pulled to the aerators, the wine drip catchers and the corkscrews. Hanging on a dusty hook was a gadget I had not seen before: a thingamabobber to remove corks from inside the bottle! Regularly $24, reduced to $14,... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday (belated): the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher

My name is GadgetGirl. I am a wine blogger. What could make me happier than to receive a gift that is a wine gadget? This year for Christmas, my often-mentioned and much-loved neighbours gave me a most intriguing gift: a Ravi Instant Wine Refresher, a wine gadget! A Wine Gadget The Contraption on a Bottle Confession: I never read instructions. Never. But, in this case, with wine on the line, I took the time to carefully read the enclosed pamphlet and practice putting the contraption together a few times. Although it looked complicated at first... | Continue reading article