Mini-Monday Post: Hello Kitty Lunch Boxes – updated

Sometime last year, during back-to-school season, we submitted a guest post about creative lunch box solutions to Ottawa mommy blogger Rebecca Stanisic (@bitofmomsense). Her blog, a Bit of Momsense. Well, the school year has ended for elementary and high school students. The following lunch boxes are neither snack-oriented like innovative Laptop Lunch Systems or Ontario-made ThermaPods, both available at Credible Edibles (78 Hinton Avenue North). Nor are the following lunch boxes particularly practical for carrying food for students older than elementary school age. But, Jenn (Exhibit A: Hello Kitty toaster) and our wine blogger Claire... | Continue reading article

Talking Smart Fridge…What will they think of next?

Talking Smart Fridge It…umm…talks During yesterday morning’s survey of tech news, I came across a Gizmodo post on a “smart” fridge that is trending on A smart fridge as a concept is not new. The advent of self identifying RFID (radio frequency identification) chips was supposed to produce new innovations in supply chain management from real-time purchasing at storefronts to warehouses that inventory themselves. According to the hype, RFID tagged groceries were suppose to allow people to have intelligent fridges that could keep an inventory of what food they had, what products are going... | Continue reading article

Foodies’ Key Chains

Ever wonder how foodies carry their keys? No, we don’t walk around with keys attached to worn out spatulas or balloon whisks. While I have been very tempted to bring a rolling pin into the office for meetings, it does not have my keys attached to it. My key chain is actually just a key ring attached to my USB key. That is, however, not to say there aren’t food-oriented key chains. Jenn found these lovelies at a local Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s Breakfast Key Chains The left one is supposed to be a cinnamon bun. The... | Continue reading article

Bridging the Divide Betweent Cutlery and Communication

Well, I’m not about to advocate communicating with dinner forks (or pitch forks for that matter), but a link to a Utah university student’s Etsy shop, “ForkedUpArt”, has been going around the blogoshpere. Attached to the link is a picture of cutlery that has been welded together to form an Iphone holder. ForkedUpArt Iphone Holder Source: Etsy shop According to “Jennings Metal”, the handle of the artist who operates “ForkedUpArt”, the holder recently caught the attentions of TUAW: The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Macenstein, and even CNet, sparking a flurry of activity. In fact, the shop... | Continue reading article

And Why Are You Wandering the House with an 8″ Stainless Steel Skillet?

In November, Leela of the SheShimmers food blog, celebrated its one year anniversary with a satay-style grilled chicken recipe (featuring her mother’s peanut sauce), a look at her blog’s original banner (it’s cute!), and a contest to win an All-Clad MC2 8-inch stainless steel skillet. To enter, participants left comments on the blog post, explaining why they are “thankful for their father, mother, grandparent, or other guardian for being a positive influence on their lives.” Since SheSimmers is a food blog, many comments involved food memories. Here is mine: As for the contest, my parents... | Continue reading article

Bosch Tassimo Coffee System Unboxing

Several weeks ago, the LA Times published a piece on the subject of food producers and manufacturers actively pursuing endorsements from mommy bloggers. Some mommies-turned-bloggers have even been flown to events, hosted by celebrities, all expenses paid. Accordingly, mommy bloggers have become an explosively popular segment of the blogosphere. Indeed, I follow a half dozen mommy bloggers myself. Some belong to Erica Ehm‘s Yummy Mummy network. Many share my interests in great food and entertaining. In a similar vein, appliance manufacturer Bosch hired a marketing firm, OgilvyOne Worldwide, and embarked on an innovative campaign, targeting... | Continue reading article

The Next Generation of Chopstick Aid – updated

Using chopsticks is so second nature to me that, when I somehow got hold of a pair of ball point pens during a staff meeting, I started picking up and moving around loose objects without thinking. This slightly irked one of my colleagues, so I had to sheepishly replace the pens on the table and go back to pretending to pay attention. In high school, I spun pens. It could have been worse. That said, I recently had to teach someone how to use chopsticks. As a lefty, it is no easy task to teach... | Continue reading article

The Indispensable Oven Mitt – updated again

When asked to suggest the perfect house warming gift, I usually answer with an amalgam of oft-overlooked yet indispensable things for the kitchen: magnetic fridge clips, a swivel head vegetable peeler, an ergonomic pizza cutter, a full tang metal ice cream scoop, a full length apron, pot holders, and a quality pair of oven mitts. As someone who spends too much time in the kitchen, I treasure a good pair of oven mitts. They keep all the hot things from burning my fingers and all the cold things from giving me frostbite. Here’s a couple... | Continue reading article