Light to Eat By?

Gotta luv the toxel design, inspiration, and technology blog. They have everything, from an angry chef trying to stop a plagiarizing artist: Angry Chef Source: Macacolandia Design Studio Campaign c/o to really cool food-themed lamps: LED Milk Glass Light Powered by 3 AAA Batteries Source: locomo c/o These LED lamps light up when placed upright and turn off when tilted and placed upside down. Though, there is a switch at the bottom of the class. They are made of clear acrylic material and come in really entertaining packaging. Cost: $8.72 USD Milk Glass... | Continue reading article

Missing Link in the Evolution of the Spork

Speaking of sporks, Doug Savage of put forth a theory in 2007 that demystifies the convergence of the fork and spoon in the evolution of cutlery. Spork’s Family Tree It is a somewhat unified theory as it also incorporates the grapefruit spoon, spatula, and ladle. Without evidence from the fossil record, however, the theory is difficult to prove. Though, the emergence of the foodle or sporkula would provide empirical support. Unfortunately, as the discussion on the savagechicken website ensued, the theory demonstrated two flaws: foons and sporks are virtually identical there is no mention... | Continue reading article

Rugged Urban Kitchenware from Mountain Equipment Co-op

According to, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a consumers’ cooperative that was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1971. Billed as one of Canada’s largest supplier of outdoor gear and clothing, MEC has approximately 3 million members and is well-known for its green policies. One of its 12 stores is located in the Westboro Village at 366 Richmond Road. My better half and I are extremely fond of MEC for its durable winter coats and its line of urban backpacks. For my birthday, 2 years ago, Jenn bought me a blue single strap back... | Continue reading article

KAR (Kitchen Assistant Robot)

I find it an interesting co-incidence that Panasonic chose to announce its robotic kitchen assistant just weeks after director Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG) released the official trailer for his new Terminator movie (Terminator: Salvation). For those of my readers who haven’t seen any of the three Terminator films that have been released over the past 2 decades or an episode of the related NBC television series, “Sarah Connor Chronicles”, the common theme underlying the franchise involves an artificial intelligence (AI) that decides to eradicate the human race by instigating a nuclear holocaust. It then proceeds... | Continue reading article

From 12V Kitchen Appliances to Questionable Knife Designs

The World Wide Web works in mysterious ways. While following a link from to slightly dubious kitchenware for car-bound mobile workers, I ended up on a page with some extremely questionable knife designs that have me wondering if the art of cooking has been truly lost. Let’s start with kitchenware that has been designed to give a mobile professional all the comforts of a fully equipped kitchen. Everything plugs into a car’s 12 V cigarette lighter. Full-size (10 cup) Coffee Maker) Source: roadpro c/o chipchick Saucepan and Popcorn Popper Source: roadpro c/o chipchick Toaster... | Continue reading article

Useless Culinary Investions

Ever the avid browser, I came across a top 5 list of “Laziest Inventions” from videoJug, a youtube-esque website, whose mantra is “life is explained, on film.” According to Guy Kawasaki, having a mantra makes videoJug slightly more curve jumping, paradigm shifting, and patent pending than other online video sites who sport mission statements. In my opinion, what videoJug does better than youTube is create quality content. VideoJug’s content is “how-to”-specific and it is heavily moderated. This means that you’re unlikely to find a shaky handed video of a tutu’ed poodle dancing the cha-cha... | Continue reading article

Yet Another Stabby

Throwzini’s Knife BLock Marketing Leaflet Packaging First there was stabby: an unfortunate red knife holder shaped like a person. Now, let me present UrbanTrend’s “Throwzini’s Knife Block.” Apparently, stabby got away, but he’s not in much better circumstances. According to UrbanTrend’s website, the “Throwzini’s Knife Block” is made of hand crafted wood. It comes with 5 stainless steel knives: a bread knife, a chef’s knife, 2 utility knives, and a paring knife. Each knife is held securely by magnets in protective sheaths when they are placed in the knife block. This permits the block to... | Continue reading article

Gunning for Flavour

Spice Gun Seasoning Ammo Like a lot of techy boys, I love gadgets. Like a lot of amateur cooks, I love gadgets. Normally, gadgets from one world don’t fit in the other. “Never the twain shall meet”, so to speak. Imagine my surprise when engadget ( and gizmodo (, both giants in the blogosphere for their coverage of bleeding-edge tech gadgets, picked up on the “spice gun.” While not yet a product, three dimensional renders of the spice gun showed up on the website as part of contest. There, its design is accredited to... | Continue reading article