Super Cute “Egg-Concept” Kitchen Tools at Kitchen Stuff Plus

Last January, I spent approximately a week in downtown Toronto, enjoying many of the culinary attractions that Yonge Street had to offer. Actually, I was sent to Toronto to attend a course on the financial software SAP, called SAPTEC. After doing my nightly review of the day’s material, I spent the evenings wandering around. During one of my many outings, I stopped by the storefront of “Kitchen Stuff Plus” at the intersection of Yonge & Eglinton. While I favour restaurant supply houses to purchase my kitchen gear, specialty kitchen ware stores catch my attention as... | Continue reading article

World’s Tiniest Teapot (November 16, 2008)

Last November, the website showed up on for its posting on potentially the world’s smallest teapot. Crafted by Chinese master potter potter Wu Ruishen, the tiny ceramic teapot weighs just 1.4 grams. According to the site, Wu is a renowned pottery artist in China who specializes in creating teapots. His artworks can be found in various museums in China. World’s Smallest Tea Pot? Close-up Pay close attention to the close-up image. Just look at the craftsman ship. While the ridges of the model’s finger are quite visible, the pot itself is seamless. Click... | Continue reading article

Going Camping? Remember the Titanium Cutlery – Updated

Since I’m a city boy, born and bread, I rarely spend time looking at camping gear. Recently, however, I’ve taken an interest in a specific category of camping gear, camping cookware. Whether you’re a indoor or outdoors cook, cast iron and carbon steel tend to be the materials of choice for cookware. Regarding the former, carbon steel is dense. It absorbs and radiates heat equally well on an electric element or in a camp fire. Regarding the latter, carbon steel gives you a non-stick surface without the drawbacks of teflon or a plastic handle. When... | Continue reading article

Sustainable Cutlery – Chopstick Bra (Nov 7, 2007)

Recycled Chopsticks or "Hashi" My Hashi Bra Sometime during the week of November 7, 2007, a Japanese women’s underwear maker, called Triumph, released a bra designed to conceal re-usable chopsticks. The bra, with a left cup resembling a bowl of miso soup and a right cup resembling a bowl of rice, sports pouches that can hold 2 pairs of collapsible chopsticks. The pouches, called “holsters”, are located on each side of the cups. Though the bra itself is not made from any recycled material, its goal is to promote reducing the use of disposable chopsticks... | Continue reading article

Diversified Dell Product offer Includes Kitchen Appliances

Dell Appliances Having dusted off my blogging fingers after a month, I decided to point some attention at today’s issue of “Dell’s 10 Days of Deals.” It seems that, Dell has decided to diversify its product offer to include kitchen appliances. Take note of the Magnasonic 4.5 cu. ft. Stainless Plus Compact Refrigerator and the Magnasonic Stainless Steel Microwave Oven. Today’s feature item is the iRobot Roomba 415 Robotic Vacuum. Considering that Dell’s presence in the marketplace is synonymous with computer workstations and laptops, perhaps Dell is looking into venturing further into the home.... | Continue reading article

iPhone, Classic iPod, iPod Touch, iDrink!!!!

In the wake of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs making yet another keynote speech, the blogosphere is yet again ablaze with discussions about new products: rounded classic iPods, video iPod Nano’s, and the new iPod touch. This time, some negative sentiment has emerged about the announced $200 USD price cut to Apple’s iPhone product offering. In response Apple has announced a rebate for recently purchased iPhones and a $100 in-store credit for first-adopters. Whether or not this was a marketing faux-pas or an elaborate long-standing campaign to increase customer retention, i-devices are yet again on the... | Continue reading article

IKEA Kitchen Hacks

It’s been a while since I put anything in the kitchen gear category. Such may be the result of my instituting a temporary moratorium on kitchen expenditures before heading out West for a vacation. The moratorium will remain until I replenish some of my funds. Happily, I think I have found another way to save money in the kitchen: Ikea Hacking (aka: re-purposing Ikea products)! I ran across the phenomenon in today’s online issue of the New York Times. The article linked to Ms. Mei Mei Yap’s “ikeahacker” blog. There, I found some innovative ways... | Continue reading article

Rudely Shaped Eggs

Boob Egg Fryer On a slightly more vulgar tone than the “F-cup cookies”, the following is a non-stick egg mold that is supposed to produce “egg-citing” sunny side up eggs. It is available for sale on I ran across the contraption some time ago on Given that eggs cooked sunny side up tend to be undercooked, these “egg-citing” eggs may actually harbor another surprise: salmonella…