USB-powered Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge This cool new USB device is more cube equipment than kitchen essential. However, it is drink-related, so I am happy to include it. Essentially, the device is designed to cool any beverage, so long as that beverage comes in 12 oz cans. According to specifications, this 5V refrigerator can cool a drink down to 8.5°C in 5 minutes. The picture on the left comes from I found the device on Please note that more than one USB-powered drink cooler has been released in the marketplace. Such includes one from, which... | Continue reading article

Minimum Kitchen Armaments

Pots and Pans Just as experienced adventurers wouldn’t wander unprepared into a dessert, people shouldn’t outfit their kitchens without some basic gear. Between finding versatile equipment that has multiple uses and balancing quality and price, this is no easy task. Bittman’s List A food columnist for the New York Times, Mark Bittman, wrote a piece outlining what he feels a “minimalist kitchen” should be equipped with. The list is rather interesting. Accordingly, a minimalist kitchen can be well equipped for approximately $300 USD. Quite frankly, I don’t agree with many of the choices, so I... | Continue reading article

Pi Bowl

Geek Dish Ware I found this interesting piece of dish ware posted on Does anyone else find it “convenient” that the value of pi is written on the lip of a circular bowl? Does this mean that someone is going to start marketing other geometrically shaped bowls with other things written on their lips? I wonder how well educational cereal bowls that teach children how to calculate the area and perimeter of the bowl as they eat would sell. Of course, if you look at the digg comments, people made the inevitable “pie plate”... | Continue reading article

In the market for a knife block? – updated

Stabby I’m actually in the market for a new knife block. One of the worst things you could do with a fine edged knife is to put it in a drawer with other knives. The same goes for dumping knives unceremoniously in a sink with other dishes. Not only is this unsafe for an unsuspecting dishwasher or someone rooting around in a drawer, but a knife’s edge can easily become damaged by contact with other utensils or other knives. No amount of honing will be able to bring the knife’s edge back. I found these... | Continue reading article

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Keyboard Waffle Iron For a kitchen appliance to resonate well with me, it would have to be something that combined aspects of the two worlds I play in: Food and Information Technology. A designer named Chris Dimino accomplished just that balance with his whimsical waffle iron. Though the waffle iron he designed was meant to reinvent an obsolete product, the typewriter, its new function happens to produce keyboards that look like modern computer keyboards, only edible. Chris’ waffle iron has also been making its way across the web. It has been sighted on, the... | Continue reading article

Whacky utensils and great blog discovery!

Found this in the April 2007 edition of Bon Appétit Bamboo Spork Image from Commentary: Sustainable Cutlery…Yaaaay!!! Found these from digg: The Chork Image from Commentary: These look like wooden versions of tweezers that women use to pluck eyebrows. They also double a stabbing weapons. The Futter Image from Commentary: Umm…Unless I’m shaving in a controlled environment, I don’t plan on having anything like a circular blade anywhere near my face. This thing looks frightening… is a very cool site that provides information on new items for the kitchen arsenal.

Cooking Artifacts (seriously old microwave…)

Having started in my new position in another branch of my department, I explored the floor I am now working on. Low and behold, I found a microwave from days long past. I’ve no idea from whence this microwave came because the date of manufacture has worn away. For some perspective, I’ve attached a more contemporary Sharp “Half Pint” model from Happily the old model is located in the kitchenette. It still operates and it is quite favored by fellow cube-dwellers when lunchtime comes. Old Half Pint Current Half Pint