Tuna Mac n’ Cheese Waffles #cloverleaf #giveaway

Mac and Cheese at Allium Mac and Cheese at Allium

Fall has finally fallen. I love the crisp air when I leave the house. There is something so satisfying about those brisk mornings and the colourful leaves as I walk down the street to catch my bus to work, swinging my briefcase full of freshly sharpened pencils and marked homework assignments. Of course, this being a food blog, I also love that September means the farmers’ markets still carry the last of the summer’s bumper crops. Yet, the stalls are also stocked with the golden colours of an autumn harvest. In our household, the start... | Continue reading article


Tuna Nasi Goreng and Giveaway #cloverleaf #giveaway

Tuna Nasi Goreng Tuna Nasi Goreng

When summer rolls around, it’s a chance for me to relax and recharge my batteries after a tiring school year. One of my favourite things to do during my time off is trying new recipes, especially for Don’s lunches. After a morning of meetings and intense work, I like to have something my husband can look forward to. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but growing up, I loved opening my lunch box to see what my mom packed me. Whether it was a sandwich, noodles, rice, or dumplings, I was always grateful that my mom ensured I... | Continue reading article

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Piri Piri Chicken: Bring Nando’s Home (@NandosPeriPeri)

Yogurt Marinated Piri Piri-esque Chicken with Rice and Parsnip Chips Yogurt Marinated Piri Piri-esque Chicken with Rice and Parsnip Chips

We had the opportunity to meet the lovely Paula Costa of venerable The Dragons Kitchen food blog earlier this month when she and partner Peter Minaki (Mr. Kalofagas – Greek Food & Beyond) visited Ottawa. Minaki came to demo Greek cuisine at The Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show, which was held at the Convention Centre (55 Colonel By Drive). His Excellency, Ambassador of Greece, Eleftherios Anghelopoulo attended. Now, Costa (@DragonsKitchen) and Minaki’s (@kalofagas) debating the supremacy of Portuguese and Greek food on Twitter is legendary. Having followed them for years, it was nice to put... | Continue reading article

Open a Jar of Sunshine: Jalepeno Crab Apple Jelly and Chutney

High Blush Crab Apples High Blush Crab Apples

Want it your way? Everyday? No, I’m not about to espouse the virtues of large chain fast food burgers, especially in a city with a handful of decent options, both long standing fixtures (e.g. Chez Lucien on Murray Street) and up-and-coming indie operations (e.g. Burgers and Fries Forever on Bank (392)). In fact, I won’t be addressing burgers at all. Let us consider the weather. Of late, there seems to be neither rhyme nor reason for the continued chill. Though, meteorologists probably have a completely plausible explanation: the polar vortex is real; global warming has... | Continue reading article

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Homecookin’: Some Snapshots From My Kitchen

Shin of Beef Pot Roast Shin of Beef Pot Roast

The Ides of March have come to pass with many things food gracing our social medial channels. Ottawa keeps demonstrating there is good eating to be had. Food entrepreneurs continue to fill out the spectrum of dining options from low to high-end. Locals just have to have an open mind and look around. Personally, I’ve been cooking of late without plating anything for the tripod-mounted camera, soft box, or speedlites. So, it’s time to resurrect our “relatively wordless” post format (not to be confused with the more meaningful “bunch-of-stuff” format) and share some snapshots from... | Continue reading article

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Cooking with Cream for Dairy Goodness 100% Canadian Milk: Mac ‘n Cheese

Deep Fried Mac 'n Cheese Deep Fried Mac 'n Cheese

With just days left before winter officially comes to an end, Ottawa remains frigid. Pools of melted snow ice over when the sun sets. Thanks to daylight savings time, darkness falls an hour later. Once tall snowbanks recede from the sidewalks. But, many dwindle, darkening and showing off trapped dirt and grit. The odd glove reveals itself, released from icy imprisonment. It seems the cursed rodent we ascribed meteorological powers was right. The groundhog saw its shadow. Six weeks of bundling ourselves up in Canada Goose jackets, NHL toques, official Team Canada-branded Olympic mitts, hand... | Continue reading article

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Slipacoff’s Premium Meats: Valentine’s and Why a Bucket of Fried Chicken Isn’t Gonna Cut It

Cashew Suya Made with Slipacoff's Premium Chicken Cashew Suya Made with Slipacoff's Premium Chicken

Valentine’s has the dubious reputation of being a “greeting card” holiday, something horribly commercial that western society invented to bolster after-Christmas sales. Men inevitably feel pressured to gift something pink, ruffled, and, more often than not, containing chocolate. Nothing says love like a stuffed pink and neon green baby dragon with a shrink-wrapped edible rose in its jaws… Hold it!?!?!?!? To borrow the opening from another like-themed post, Valentine’s is important to the food industry of a city, particularly Ottawa. January is a difficult month with patrons rather frugal after opening their post-Christmas credit card... | Continue reading article

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From Pot au Feu to Pho: A Look at One Dish Evolving into Another

Pot Au Feu Pot Au Feu

There are few foods as comforting as noodles on a cold day, particularly after a snowy commute home. Needless to say, I am quite the proponent of noodles, be they served on a plate dressed in cheese, egg yolks, and crisped pancetta (or better still pan-seared lardons of guanciale); or served in a bowl bathed in a long simmered savoury soup with assorted adornments (herbs, fried onion or garlic, young green stems, sprouts, flavoured oils, nuts, etc.) Noodles are actually my last meal request. Got hu tieu? One of my favourite noodle soup dishes is... | Continue reading article