Searching for the Mediterranean Paella Earlier this month a study was released on, stating that a traditional Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, appears to protect against asthma and nasal allergies. The study involved 690 children between the ages of 7 and 18 in rural Crete. Nine days later, a news article appeared on, stating that approximately two out of three (63%) Brits have switched to a more Mediterranean diet, “dropping fish and chips for paella.” Whether or not the two releases are correlated remains to be said. Paella, on the other hand, has spiked... | Continue reading article

Dimsum Special 1: Deep Fried Wontons

Deep Fried Wontons Like potstickers and other such dumplings, wontons, deep fried or otherwise, exemplify the concept of balance that is predominant in Asian cuisine. Crispy Skins… Soft and flavorful fillings… Deep fried wontons are an elegant delivery system for meat and vegetables. Where else can you get two-bite portions of a savory meat and vegetable filling, all enclosed in a wonderfully crisp wrapper? Deep fried wontons go wonderfully with Thai sweet chili sauce. I’ve actually replaced ketchup in my pantry with sweet chili sauce. I hear that a lot of Aussies have done the... | Continue reading article

Home-made Sweet and Sour (S&S)

Bottled S&S Recently, a colleague of mine asked me how to make the “lacquered” meat that is served at North American Chinese restaurants. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea what dish she was referring to. However, if all things sweet and sour (you know, that ubiquitous red sauce) peak your fancy, you can either go purchase a prepared sauce or you can look into a simple ratio of some common ingredients. Though I am not going to describe how to make sweet and sour pork or beef, the recipe I use for the sauce of... | Continue reading article

Baked Spring Rolls

Baked Spring Rolls I’m posting this recipe for two reasons. Firstly, during the past month, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (an American non-profit organization) released a report that states that Chinese food is unhealthy. I believe the aim of this report is to demonstrate that there is no cuisine, ethnic or otherwise, that is ultimately healthy. As such, consumers must pick and choose what to eat and how often. However, the majority of the media coverage makes correlations between this report and North American Chinese Food, not traditional Chinese food. For instance,... | Continue reading article

Orange Whipped Cream (no pic, but it’s still good)

Whipped Cream When it comes to sponge cake, I usually serve individual slices with whipped cream and gently macerated berries. The juice from the berries soaks into the cake, creating a wonderful mix of texture and flavor. The whipped cream is lighter than frosting, which I feel is appropriate for sponge cake. Anyhow, if you want to make the lemon cake recipe I posted earlier with oranges (orange cake then…), here’s a nice recipe for an orange whipped cream. Recipe follows:

Lemon Cake (as promised…)

Lemon Cake Back in the days when I worked in downtown Ottawa, my department proposed a cake baking competition to raise money for the United Way. Of course, I entered. The opportunity presented new recipes to try and a captive audience to try them on. It would have been for a good cause too. Unfortunately, the competition was not to be. No one in the building I worked in wanted to participate in the competition itself, so it was canceled. However, I did manage to find and develop a lemon cake recipe that one of... | Continue reading article

The Nasty Bits: “Tongues and Tails”

Tongue Yes, I am old enough to remember Sophie B Hawkins. When she debuted the album that gave her a name, her lyrics were some of the most creative of the 90s. Anyhow, the weekend saw me venture forth into the mega-mart for the first time in 2 weeks. Suffice it to say that my better half did the grocery shopping while I was less than healthy. Thanks sweetie Looking for some stew beef, I wandered the long meat counter somewhat intently. Low and behold, I find several shrink wrapped beef tongues.

Tarte au Sucre (English Style)

I guess I’ve put my foot in it. Somehow my threatening to bake a cream pie and toss it at someone has resulted in my attempting a tried, tested, and true British comfort food: Treacle Tart. There are hundreds of recipes, but the consensus seems to point to Golden Syrup as this pie filling’s base. This is the “recommended” brand: Tin Bottle