Kelsey’s in Kanata Centrum Should Rename Itself Kel-Cheese

In all honestly, I try my darnest to avoid outings to “big box” strip malls in Ottawa until it becomes absolutely necessary and I can “cluster-shop.” That is, I tend to put off trips to Walmart until I find myself needing to visit stores around it as well. Why? I find the Walmart shopping experience infuriating. An impossibly large number of shoppers is always rushing about at high speeds pushing carriages overflowing with everything from traditional groceries to electronics, clothes, shoes, and the odd rug. Then, there are those purchasing furniture who decide to pickup... | Continue reading article

More foodiePrints on the Wellingon Oracle

Many thanks to Chris Lawson for his publishing a review I wrote on the Wellington Oracle (@wellingtnoracle on Twitter). It reviews Allium’s first Tapas Monday after re-opening from its renovations this past summer . Lost in Enjoyment Allium is our favourite restaurant in Ottawa here at foodiePrints and we were glad to see it open to a warm welcome. Even weeks later, the restaurant is always brimming at lunchtime, on Tapas Mondays, and during Friday and Saturday evening service. While there are seats from Tuesday to Thursday, the restaurant still gathers a healthy crowd who... | Continue reading article

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Two Family Friendly Breakfast Places for the Fish Bowl

Several minutes after my workday ended, I ran across a tweet from Andrea Tomkins (@missfish), one of my favourite local mommy bloggers. She operates “A Peek Inside the Fish Bowl.” The “Fish Bowl” is a website and it hosts a blog to “peek at” some well written entries on the subjects of family and raising children in the Ottawa area. Today, Andrea asked twitter for some of their favourite local breakfast places. After inviting her to join what my dear friend Yannick (@endorphinbuzz) likes to call our “Elite” brunch club, I discovered that two of... | Continue reading article

Lunch Live Fire at the Cordon Bleu – updated

At Chef Marty Mendelson’s urging (@mgm3 on twitter), I made a reservation to lunch at Ottawa’s Le Cordon Bleu campus. With its in-house Signatures restaurant being phased out and replaced by something with a more modern bistro feel, the culinary school’s chefs-to-be and hosts-to-be still needed to gather experience, serving real patrons. As such, Le Cordon Bleu arranged three-course lunches every Thursday this summer in a spare dining room on the Laurier Avenue campus, the Cointreau Dining Room. The cost: $24.95 ($32 with a wine pairing). Given how well Signatures fares in Food Network Producer... | Continue reading article


Quick Review: Canvas

My better half and I just had a spectacular dinner at Canvas to celebrate the end of summer. I swear, it seems that every time we visit this restaurant, the food keeps getting better, aspiring to match its tremendous friendly service. Mine, was a beet root soup starter with a fish of the day special: a lovely fillet of Ontario walleye, peppered, pan seared and served with a beurre blanc. It was accompanied by yellow peppers, shallots, and a halved and grilled Asian egg plant. The walleye, besides being wonderfully tender, went well with the... | Continue reading article

From the Archives: My first Moules Frites

Recently, I discovered that a friend of mine was planning the reception for his wedding and a certain French restaurant in Gatineau made it on his short list. The restaurant is called Le St-Estèphe and is located at 711 blvd. St-Joseph. Googling the restaurant, I thought it familiar, so I started fishing through foodiePrints’ image archive. Bingo! St-Estèphe’s Chef/Owner Stephane Paquet also operates a quaint little French bistro called L’Espresso, which is located down the street (549 blvd. St-Joseph). L’Espresso was where I first encountered moules frites. Moules frites is essentially moules marinières (mussels steamed... | Continue reading article

Ikea Swedish Meatballs

Apparently, there is but one Ikea in a one ore two city radius of Ottawa, so it is often packed to the gills with customers, eager for bargain home furnishings. Me, I’m not a fan of Ikea furniture, save for some of the tables. However, I am a fan of some of the inexpensive kitchen wear. I am also a fan of its little cafeteria and I am not alone. I’ve read tweets, blog entries, and even submissions to Yelp and the like about the virtues of the “complete Ikea experience”: a meandering trip on... | Continue reading article

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Brunch Club visits the Lieutenant’s Pump

A month ago, the brunch club, I belong to, hit the Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin Street (361). We arrived at 11:00 am, but discovered the Pump a very popular place for Sunday brunchers. The lineup of eager patrons stretched out the door. Yet, everyone patiently waited for a table, refusing to head down the street to any of the other open restaurants. Our party of 8 was eventually seated an hour later in our own private alcove. Since the club meets monthly, we took the wait in stride. Many of us enjoyed the opportunity to... | Continue reading article