Addendum to Sunday Brunch at Canvas: Serious Breakfast Quiche

With the brunch club gathering at the legendary Von’s Bistro (819 Bank Street) this coming Sunday (November 30, 2009), it is time to revisit last month’s (almost exactly 30 days ago) at Canvas Resto-Bar (65 Holland Avenue). There, the club welcomed several new members. Existing ones caught up with each other. And, everyone ordered various omelette, French toast, and eggs benny (eggs benedict) breakfasts, some with sides of Piggy Market double smoked bacon. Me, I opted for the quiche, but, when plates arrived, the new hostess realized she misplaced my order in. She apologized profusely,... | Continue reading article

Another foodiePrint on Ottawa Tonite: “Dining in Newfoundland Tradition: Newfie Night at Petit Bill?s Bistro”

Well, another foodiePrint went up on Ottawa Tonite. Its subject: Petit Bill’s Bistro‘s annual Newfie Night Dinner.” Here is a screen capture for posterity: Dining in Newfoundland Tradition: Newfie Night at Petit Bill?s Bistro To re-iterate, Jenn and I had great fun and enjoyed our dishes. We shared the cod tongues and pickerel cheeks appetizers. I had the Jigg’s dinner for my main and figgy Duff, lassy mogs, and jam jams for dessert. Jenn, the rabbit stew and the Newfie pound cake for dessert. Also, after we posted the entry, Melissa Dimock of Refashionista (@refashionista)... | Continue reading article

Number 74: Canadian High Tea at Zoe’s

While I like to celebrate in the company of great friends and family, I seem to have established a tradition of treating myself to a lunch of local cheeses and charcuterie for my birthday. It started three years ago with my return visit to Rendez-vous des Saveurs de L’Outaouais (it is called Rendez-vous des Saveurs de Gatineau now). Then, the annual exhibition, to showcase food and wine, fine dining eateries, and culinary schools from the Outaouais region, was held in Gatineau’s Maison du Citoyen (City Hall). A colleague had invited me and Jenn to go... | Continue reading article

Another foodiePrint on Ottawa Tonite: “Eating as a Community: The Hintonburg Supper Club”

Well, another foodiePrint went up on Ottawa Tonite. Its subject: the Hintonburg Supper Club and our outing to the Allium restaurant (87 Holland Avenue). As an addendum, here are pictures from the most recent outing, a catered event at the Knights of Columbus Hall (1177 Gladstone Avenue). Catering was Helen Saikaly who, with her husband Buddy, operates the Melrose Groceteria (1082 Wellington Street W.). They will be soon retiring, closing the groceteria that doubles as a popular restaurant (Helen’s Cuisine) at the beginning of December. Both pillars of the Hintonburg neighbourhood, Helen and Buddy have... | Continue reading article

Number 99: House of Georgie’s “Legendary” Pizza with Gravy

House of Georgie’s Ever since the September 2009 issue of the Ottawa Magazine published “101 Tastes to Try Before You Die”, an edible guide to Ottawa’s best dishes, I have been almost driven to enumerate the tastes I have already had, catalog them on foodiePrints, and pursue the ones outstanding. Case in point, gravy pizza. I have long heard that one of Ottawa’s better pizzerias originated the gravy pizza when a slightly intoxicated Montrealer, homesick for poutine, wandered through its doors after a night’s indulgence. He perused the menu for fries, gravy, and cheese curds.... | Continue reading article

Kelsey’s in Kanata Centrum Should Rename Itself Kel-Cheese

In all honestly, I try my darnest to avoid outings to “big box” strip malls in Ottawa until it becomes absolutely necessary and I can “cluster-shop.” That is, I tend to put off trips to Walmart until I find myself needing to visit stores around it as well. Why? I find the Walmart shopping experience infuriating. An impossibly large number of shoppers is always rushing about at high speeds pushing carriages overflowing with everything from traditional groceries to electronics, clothes, shoes, and the odd rug. Then, there are those purchasing furniture who decide to pickup... | Continue reading article

More foodiePrints on the Wellingon Oracle

Many thanks to Chris Lawson for his publishing a review I wrote on the Wellington Oracle (@wellingtnoracle on Twitter). It reviews Allium’s first Tapas Monday after re-opening from its renovations this past summer . Lost in Enjoyment Allium is our favourite restaurant in Ottawa here at foodiePrints and we were glad to see it open to a warm welcome. Even weeks later, the restaurant is always brimming at lunchtime, on Tapas Mondays, and during Friday and Saturday evening service. While there are seats from Tuesday to Thursday, the restaurant still gathers a healthy crowd who... | Continue reading article

Two Family Friendly Breakfast Places for the Fish Bowl

Several minutes after my workday ended, I ran across a tweet from Andrea Tomkins (@missfish), one of my favourite local mommy bloggers. She operates “A Peek Inside the Fish Bowl.” The “Fish Bowl” is a website and it hosts a blog to “peek at” some well written entries on the subjects of family and raising children in the Ottawa area. Today, Andrea asked twitter for some of their favourite local breakfast places. After inviting her to join what my dear friend Yannick (@endorphinbuzz) likes to call our “Elite” brunch club, I discovered that two of... | Continue reading article