Fish and Chips at John’s Quick Lunch

Fish and Chips John’s Quick Lunch comes with extremely high praise from the members of the online community at It also received high praise from my better half. As such, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to know that we’ve heard excellent things about fish and chips at John’s. One of the accounts comes from a maritime couple who swear that John’s fish and chips are as close as they’ve ever gotten to authentic. Last Friday, Jenn and I put John’s to the test. Pea Soup Pieces of Fish Cross Section... | Continue reading article

$5.25 Breakfast Combo from Le Deli at Place du Centre

University students are renowned for being frugal. Due to various factors, including the cost of living, tuition, student fees, and book prices, this is more necessity than lifestyle choice. As such, the eateries around a university’s campus need meet certain requirements. This is because cash-strapped students hit them between classes for a quick bite or to fuel up after classes before heading back to the dorms, labs, or libraries. These eateries need to be reasonable price-wise and have fast service. To meet these needs, they tend to serve diner-like or pub-like fare. It’s fast to... | Continue reading article

My thoughts on Caffe Ventuna (inside Il Negozio Nicastro in the Wellington Village)

Il Negozio Nicastro If you read Chef Anthony Bordain’s now infamous book, Kitchen Confidential, he recounts a point in his career when he first encountered and learned to appreciate fine Italian food. Because of his French upbringing and primarily classical French culinary education, he had had little contact with Italian cookery beforehand. In his account, he describes how a particularly good Tuscan restaurant made everything fresh from pasta and bread to sauce that came from freshly seeded and peeled tomatoes. Meat came from the butcher, cut to order. Freshly cooked pasta was sauced and plated... | Continue reading article

Fajitas at the Lone Star

Lone Star Fajitas Scratch Tortillas When my better half informed me that she had never tried fajitas, a North American tex-mex favourite, I immediately made reservations for dinner at the Lone Star Texas Grill in the Byward Market (128 George Street). It so happens that I had had fajitas for lunch a week earlier in the Lone Star across from the St. Laurent Shopping centre (1211 Lemieux Street). Though the Lone Star is a chain restaurant, that now has locations in Quebec, New Brunwick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario, I actually found that I enjoyed the... | Continue reading article

My First Pad Thai: ThaiExpress

Cute Take-away Box Pad Thai Like the many people in this world who are stricken with a peanut allergy, there are several ethnic cuisines that I need to be very careful with. Among them are Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and, of course, Thai. Thai cuisine with its fresh herb-based curries and coconut imbued sauces is unfortunately one of my preferred South Asian styles of cooking. Even more unfortunate is my experience with some Ottawa Thai restaurants who are less than straight-forward about whether their dishes contain or are cooked with peanuts. This is why I have... | Continue reading article

Neatest Shawarma Sandwich in Ottawa: Stuart’s Place

Sign-age Recently, I attended a week long course that was given in one of the conference facilities at the RA Center in Ottawa South. Because the RA Center happens to be situated next door to the Billings Bridge Plaza, a local shopping mall, I lunched at an eatery in its food court called Stuart’s Place. What attracted me there were the meat columns from which shavings were cut to make shawarma sandwiches. For $6.95, I ordered a large chicken shawarma with some of the “usual” fixings: garlic sauce, tomato, lettuce, pickled turnip, pickled cucumber, onions,... | Continue reading article

Editor’s Post: Our new breakfast hangout: John’s Quick Lunch

John After walking by this establishment nearly every week for the past 2.5 years, we finally decided to venture into it for a meal. Located in the heart of the Wellington village, John?s is reputed to be a fantastic place for lunch. It is well regarded to serve excellent club sandwiches, genuine fish and chips, and thick delicious milkshakes. Don and I have always been curious about this place, but since I love to sleep in on the weekends, the place is always closed by the time our chores have us walk by. Apparently, this... | Continue reading article

Sushi Kan – All You Can Eat

Sushi Kan My better half and I drove by Sushi Kan at 1280 Baseline Road about a month ago. I found the pic I took of its sign-age while I was sorting through my digital images for another post. Sushi Kan’s reviews on are getting rather “interesting.” I’ve heard of similar restaurants in Toronto, but this has to be one of Ottawa’s first “all you can eat” sushi restaurants. Given the negative reviews, I think I’ll wait until I visit Toronto to try an all you can eat sushi restaurant…