Tea Anyone?

NiHao Tea House The Holland Avenue NiHao Tea House had its grand opening this weekend. They couldn’t of picked a more beautiful weekend. Here are the lunch specials and the rather darling place settings that were on the tables in NiHao’s brand new outdoor patio. Here’s a link to an earlier posting on this tea house. To date, I’ve tried its bubble tea. Next will be NiHao’s dumplings. A good teahouse should serve good dumplings. Particulars: Nihao Tea House 81 Holland Avenue (613)722-0088

One ethnic cuisine, described in terms of another

Danforth Dragon I just dug up a pic of the sign-age from the Danforth Dragon restaurant in Toronto. The image came from a web-page when the CBC decided to dedicate a section of its site to Chinese New Year. Its sign-age isn’t the only thing brazen about how this restaurant runs its business. If you goto its website, you’ll actually find recipes of menu items on the main page. If anyone’s been to this establishment, drop me an e-mail. I’m thinking of visiting this establishment in the near future.

New York goodness in Gatineau? Nova Lox on a Bagel

Bagel Au Saumon Fumé Platter What better way is there to celebrate a glorious pseudo-summer day, than to sit in an outdoor café with nachos and beer? Such was not the case when a bunch of cube-dwellers and I decided to lunch at Le Bop to celebrate Friday’s coming. Though our original intention was to consume good pub fare, I had already decided quite some time earlier to order the “Bagel Au Samon Fumé.” Don’t get me wrong, Le Bop has arguably the best nachos in the National Capital Region. They consist of a generous... | Continue reading article

New Tea House on the Block

Nihao Tea House The face of the Wellington Village continues to evolve. The converted two story house that once housed a Halal meat shop is now the location of the Nihao Tea House (81 Holland Avenue). It opened its doors sometime during the afternoon of April 20, 2007. It is actually the second tea house in Ottawa to sport the name Nihao. The first is located in the Gloucester Center (1980 Oglivie Road). Customers shouldn’t come looking for teabags at the Nihao Tea House. Though I have no doubt that tea bags can be purchased,... | Continue reading article

Surviving the Food Court

Yahoo Last weekend, published an article about eating healthily while shopping in a typical North American mall. In it, a registered dietitian named Cheryl Koch outlined some interesting tips about choosing what to eat at typical North American Chinese, burger, Sandwich and Latin American food court venues. The following is Koch’s recommendations when it comes to what I like to refer to as “Chop Suey” outlets: “Among the mostly fried selections in this cuisine, it’s best to stick to vegetarian or mostly vegetarian dishes. Order steamed rice (brown is better than white, if that’s... | Continue reading article

Pre-openning Visit to “Le Petit Bill Bistro”

Le Petite Bill Bistro On Friday night, my better half and I walked to the local Loeb to buy some low acid orange juice. On our way, we saw that the vacancy at 1293 Wellington Street that was left by Juniper had been filled and was serving patrons. No sign-age was present, but the paper covering the windows had come down, the walls were freshly painted, two dining rooms were open, and the kitchen was in full swing. The next morning, we wandered down again. The place was closed but, the chef and the owner... | Continue reading article

My thoughts of “The Diner”

The Diner I live in the Wellington Village. Characteristic of my neighborhood is a stretch of Wellington Street that has a higher density of restaurants, specialty food shops, coffee shops, and bakeries than arguably any other street in the National Capital Region. Elgin Street comes a close second. However, unlike Elgin, there are no large chain restaurants on this end of Wellington Street. Any foodie in Ottawa will know the names: Saslove’s Meat Shop, Parma Ravioli, the Ottawa Bagel Shop, Il Negozio Nicastro, and the Herb and Spice Shop. All are within steps of each... | Continue reading article

A smoked meat monstrosity from Dunn’s

Smoked Meat Poutine After having wandered around much of downtown Ottawa, apartment hunting, a friend, my better half, and I decided to hunker down for something warm and mildly unhealthy. Accordingly, we found ourselves at Dunn’s on Elgin Street. This establishment is our local chapter of the legendary smoked meat shop that originates in Montreal. This is also where my friend introduced me to the smoked meat poutine: fries, cheese curds, gravy, and (surprise!) chopped smoked meat. I was in cholesterol heaven. The fries were freshly fried, hot, and crispy. The smoked meat actually added... | Continue reading article