Yet another big bowl of Pho

Before taking in a movie this weekend, my better half, two friends and I decided to have noodles for dinner at Pho Bo Ga, Ottawa’s first, and arguably best, pho noodle house (though not my favourite). This my “regular” at Pho Bo Ga: pho with thin slices of beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, and chunks of beef shank. Before Chili Sauce This is properly seasoned pho for my palate. The red colour comes from adding sriracha, a popular chili sauce that comes in a plastic bottle with a green cap. Bottles of sriracha are common-place... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Eatery Displays

In the Ottawa area, we are graced with many restaurants and eateries. Here are some pictures of some eatery displays that caught my eye and the lens of my digital camera. Kinki This picture was taken during a walk through the ByWard market on a beautiful Autumn day. Please note that the sign in the picture points, not to an entry to the restaurant, but to an empty alley next door. Nevertheless, Kinki is a great restaurant that features fine asian fusion dishes. However, it is very pricey. Roasted Quayle? This sign graces my current... | Continue reading article

Asian Comfort Food: Exhibit A (a big bowl of Pho) – updated

Pho During one of my few days off, I decided to avail myself of a nice bowl of Vietnamese Noodle Soup (Pho) with some light reading. Honestly, can anyone ask for more? Here we have beautiful authentic soup that actually gellatinized when it cooled, perfectly cooked noodles, crisp (translated:fresh) garnishes, thinly sliced beef, savoury meat balls, and nasty bits as Anthony Bourdain calls them (beef tendons). The beef tendons are optional. Regarding the gellatinizing aspect of the soup, this signifies that the soup is most likely made on the premises with actual meat and bones... | Continue reading article