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Long Live Street Food in Ottawa

Bite This Food Truck Bite This Food Truck

Index: Stone Soup Food Works, Relish Food Truck, Bite This, Trailer Pork Boys, The Flat Bread Pizza Company This past Friday, the City of Ottawa released the list of successful candidates from its “New Street Food Vending Program.” Of the sixty-one applicants, eighteen were given the green light to move ahead with novel food trucks and carts this coming May. The licenses issued entitle the selected food truck and cart operators to fixed physical presence on public streets. Previously, streets were restricted to vendors of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages (sometimes pogos), and fries (including poutine).... | Continue reading article

Dessert Suggestion for Valentines: Homemade Nutella Mousse Waffles and Something Cassis

Almond Nutella Mousse Almond Nutella Mousse

With aisles in department stores decked out in paper hearts, factory-made chocolate, and plastic lace for well over a month, it has been difficult to ignore the noisy approach of Valentine’s Day. There seems to be two schools of thought on the tinfoil-wrapped candy holiday. There are the detractors who loudly decry its seeming commercialization of love. They gripe about the compulsion to make token purchases; reservations for table d’hote meals at fine dining restaurants, boxes of mass-produced truffles with artificial fruit centers, and gift-wrapped bouquets of flowers. There are the supporters who look upon... | Continue reading article

Beef Rib Chilee: A Take on Chili Con Carne

Pulled Beef Rib Chili Pulled Beef Rib Chili

South of the Mason–Dixon Line, Americans tend to get animated when it comes to food. There are heated debates about barbecue and chili. You see, there are regional specializations when it comes to barbecue that include much more than varied dishes. Think along the lines of varied barbecue philosophies. The same can be said about chili, chili con carne to be specific. That is, chili with meat. There is “Cincinnati Chili”, which tends to show up in “30 Minute Dinners” cookbooks as “hot dog chili.” It is essentially a ground meat mixture that resembles chili... | Continue reading article

Food that Moves You: Saying Goodbye to Summer Taco-Style

Pork Al Pastor, served on Naan Pork Al Pastor, served on Naan

During our move into the new house, there were boxes. There was tape. Oh, there were rolls upon rolls of tape. There were box cutters. There were tacos. [There still are boxes…] A word of advice? If you’re going to move, opt for taco-powered moving. We highly recommend it. There is little more satisfying than unloading your dolly of its 6th load of boxes, getting a case of the munchies, and tucking into something of the soft tortilla persuasion. With summer having come to an end, this will be the last post in our taco-series,... | Continue reading article

Food that Moves You – updated

Busy as Bees Busy as Bees

Loyal readers will notice there has been more than a week’s content outage on foodiePrints. Like many people, during the weeks leading up to “back to school” and “back to work”, we were busy. Every member of the blogging team, both in Ottawa and Toronto, moved into new homes this summer. Jenn and I started moving the day after our ceremony and reception, “#honeymove.” Yes, the two founding members are finally married. We have witnesses! And, the wedding was live-tweeted thanks to our wine blogger, Claire (#fpWedding). For us, the jam-packed fortnight, preceding Labour Day,... | Continue reading article

Taco Thurs…I mean Friday: Korean Barbecue-Inspired Tacos

Korean Bulgogi-inspired Tacos Korean Bulgogi-inspired Tacos w/apple fried onions, heirloom carrots, cucumbers, and scallions

I remember my first experience with Korean barbecue. Friends and former colleagues took me to Ottawa’s Korean Gardens on Rideau Street (470), then under previous ownership. There, we negotiated a table for four and grilled pieces of meat and coarsely chopped vegetables on a gas-powered grill inset into the table. We ate our freshly grilled bounty with sweet sticky rice and banchan sides. I fell in love with kimchi. A friend warned me not to dress in my best finery, despite the dinner being a farewell one. Fat from the meat and oil from the... | Continue reading article

foodiePrints’ Food Day Canada 2012: Tacos and Ice Cream Sundaes

Cevapcici Tacos for Food Day Canada Cevapcici Tacos for Food Day Canada

In 2003, author, scholar, and culinary activist, Anita Stewart suggested the first Saturday of August should be spent celebrating Canada’s culinary heritage and agricultural bounty. What started as the “World’s Longest Barbecue” transformed into an annual event drawing in farmers, food producers, and chefs. Now, almost a decade later, the intention behind Food Day Canada has not changed: share Canadian food stories and promote purchasing Canadian products. Food Day Canada is a rather popular food holiday, celebrated by many Canadians be they cooks or patrons. Approximately 250 restaurants across the country signed on to participate.... | Continue reading article

Taco Thurs…I mean Friday: Yak Heart Anticucho Tacos

Yak Heart Anticucho Tacos Yak Heart Anticucho Tacos

A friend once pointed out that good people tend to surround themselves with good people. Pascale Berthiaume is good people. She is the always smiling and cheerful personality behind Ottawa’s beloved Pascale’s Ice Cream. During the weekdays, you will find the frozen treat genius making her many signature flavours of ice cream at the incubator kitchen she shares with confectioner Michael Sunderland of michaelsdolce jams and food educator Jackie Joiliffe of Stone Soup Food Works. On Sundays, you will find Pascale, participating in the Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Brewer Park from 8am – 3pm. Pascale’s... | Continue reading article