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TacoLot Offers California-inspired Tacos

California-inspired Tacos from TacoLot California-inspired Tacos from TacoLot

Ottawa has been besieged by tacos of late. Some purveyors, called taquerías by local food writers, offer authentic Mexican tacos made with corn tortillas. Others specialize in more Californian-takes made with both corn and flour tortillas. Between the popup that is Los Tacos de Maura (it’s a Latin dance club otherwise), Corazon de Mais (which is heavily frequented by restaurant chefs and cooks), and food trucks (like pioneering Jackie Jolliffe’s Stone Soup Food Works), taco options abound. And, such isn’t a bad thing. Until now, Ottawa only knew Tex-Mex tacos and what passes for a... | Continue reading article

First Impressions of Carmichael’s Mellos Pop-Up: Marvelous

Magic at Mellos Pop-up Magic at Mellos Pop-up

To our food enthusiast readers, do you ever tire of seasoned journalists referring to “flocking foodies”, “herding hedonists”, or “gathering gastronomes” in their pieces about new restaurants? To our well traveled readers, do you ever wonder why food is only polarizing in the western world? There is no stigma ascribed to those who “live to eat” by those who “eat to live” outside of North America or much of Western Europe. In Eastern Europe and Asia, food is built into the culture. In North America, if you’re a food blogger, you must be a Food... | Continue reading article

Segway into Sidedoor: FABLE Dinner

Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen and Bar Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen and Bar

Next Monday (July 9, 2012), Chef Jonny Korecki and fellow Top Chef Canada finalist Trevor Bird will host a FABLE-ous dinner at Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen and Bar (18 York Street). It will begin with cocktails at 6:30 pm. Dinner will follow at 7 pm. One of several Bird has planned and organized across Canada, Ottawa’s will be a 5-course dinner, pairing his farm-to-fork approach to food at his newly opened restaurant in Kitsilano British Columbia with Korecki’s Asian cuisine-inspired approach at Sidedoor. Puns aside, we think the dinner will be fabulous. There are several reasons.... | Continue reading article

Ace of Banh Mi: Roasted Pork Belly with Country Liver Pâté and House Pickles – updated

Roasted Pork Belly with Country Liver Pâté and House Pickles Roasted Pork Belly with Country Liver Pâté and House Pickles

Banh mi isn’t new. At least, not to me. It is a favourite quick lunch for Saturday school-going kids, learning Cantonese and Mandarin. Sold $2-$3 each and “buy 6, get one free,” banh mi sandwiches are popular snacks with university-going kids too. These days, you will find premade, packaged, and ready to eat sandwiches in the refrigerator cases of many oriental supermarkets. Let’s just say I developed a familiarity for the sandwich that was likely a by-product of French and Vietnamese culinary influences intermingling. Someone enterprising slathered pâté on buttered day-old baguette. Someone else added... | Continue reading article

Tacos with Lentil Ragu

When I decided to enter the Recipe Revelations Challenge, issued by Canadian Lentils, I knew the dish would have to be a convenient one. One, families could appreciate after a busy work and school day. Lately, I have been delving into the world of slow cooked comfort dishes, favouring long braises. So, wandering the aisles at my local supermarket and politely observing what families were purchasing in the ethnic aisle, I picked up a taco seasoning pack. What is more accessible than the North American taco? Tacos with Lentil Ragu, Baby Greens, Mild Cheddar, Crushed... | Continue reading article

Banh Mi in Ottawa

Index: My Hang | CoCham | Binh Video and Submarine A former darling during the rise of the street food craze, banh mi’s following has waned in recent years. Trends come and go with the ever swinging pendulum of food hype. The Vietnamese sandwich that started as a French baguette, smeared with liver paté, was for a brief time, heavily sought after by food enthusiasts. It is no wonder, the contemporary banh mi is a light baguette, split and filled with mayonnaise or butter, chile, cilantro (leaves and/or stems), cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot (do... | Continue reading article

Tiny Tuesday: Ottawa Night Market

A night market is an open air street market that operates from late evening to night. Market-goers stroll the crowded walkways between tented stalls, arranged in rows side-by-each. Merchants shout at attendees, boisterously encouraging them to stop and purchase their wares. Each stall is temporary, assembled in the evening and dismantled at night. They feature everything from artisan handmade jewellery, electronic gadgets, toys, clothes, and household appliances to “hawker”-style food, usually some great street food snacks. And yes, there is often a component involving “grey market” consumer good like borderline counterfeit handbags. These markets are... | Continue reading article

Thoughtful Thursday: Dim Sum in the Park

Spending summers in Vancouver, I grew up eating exotic fruits from East Asia, stripping bushes of blueberries, climbing trees in my grandmother’s backyard to plums, and eating lots lobster, spotted prawns and sockeye salmon. When I’m back in Eastern Canada, I really miss having the sheer variety of fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables at my fingertips. But I’ve also learned to love the summer offerings here in Ottawa. Walk down to any farmer’s market and you will find stalls of fresh corn, potatoes, berries, peaches, and varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, and onions. And... | Continue reading article