Street food

From the Archives: Kelp 17 Flea & Food Market – updated

Growing up, Jenn spent many summers, living in Vancouver with her grandparents. There, she attended a number of local festivals and events. She developed a taste for street food, but not your typical hot dogs or french fries. Four years ago, I joined her on a trip to the beautiful west coast city and spent two weekend nights wandering the Richmond Night Market. There, I encountered Asian-style street foods, grilled fish balls (served on sticks), dim sum dumplings (served on sticks), grilled chicken called yakitori (served on sticks), octopus balls called takoyaki (served with sticks),... | Continue reading article

WestFest 2011: Concessions on Richmond

At this year’s Westfest, one gripe I kept hearing came from returning festival-goers who remarked at the little-to-no options in food concessions by the main stage. There were but two, BeaverTails and new-to-me Fadi’s “Fabulous” Foods. My standard response was, “We’ve limited event space to accommodate performers and people this year. But, there is a plethora of choice on Richmond Road.” Unfortunately, that was half the story. With a long fenced-in walkway into the main stage area, security guards checking bags at the entrance (for illicit substances and weapons), and a limited grassy area to... | Continue reading article

It’s all about the Soup on a Cold Spring Day

Here’s a scenario for you. It’s 2°C on a sunny Friday (a mid-April Friday), second week into finals. You’re groggy from a night spent cramming what capacity you’ve left in your head with material for your 9:30 am exam. Your writing hand is sore from spending 3 hours scribbling at a desk in a gym. You walk out of the exam room, which smells oddly of pencil shavings and antiseptic, everyone having submitted their papers. You fight the urge to look at your books or notes to see if you made a mistake on the... | Continue reading article

It’s all about the Soup at Winterlude this Year – updated

So what does a food blogger do on a Saturday morning when he finds himself at the border of the Ottawa South and Glebe neighbourhoods (Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue)? He remembers Jacqueline Jolliffe, former teacher and current food educator, launched her new food venture, Stone Soup Food Works at Winterlude this year. Rideau Canal on a Saturday Morning It being the second day of Ottawa’s annual winter festival (the first full day), he walks down to the “canal” from Lansdowne Park, approximately at the 4.4 km mark (marked from the downtown start of the... | Continue reading article

Fish Tacos

This past weekend, we replied to a tweet, asking us about fish tacos @MSC_63 (Nov 06, 09:10 PM) @foodiePrints as an #Ottawa food expert, do you know anywhere good for fish tacos? We’re discussing over the table at Pubwells right now Our replies: @foodiePrints (Nov 07, 09:15 AM) @MSC_63 We’re not experts. It depends on what you consider good fish tacos. I like my fish grilled and the corn tortilla freshly made @foodiePrints (Nov 07, 09:17 AM) @MSC_63 We’ve had a really good fish taco at Allium (sometimes shows up on tapas menu) @foodiePrints... | Continue reading article

Culinary Tourism, Ottawa Food Tours, and Burrito Borracho – updated

According a piece from Martha Mendoza of The Associated Press, the Mexican government has begun investing in culinary tourism. The intention involves attracting tourists interested in the country’s diversified local cuisines as it does tourists interested its beaches, archeological sites, and eco-tourism. It is funding a series of guided “culinary routes” that will have visitors taste the “Thousand Flavours of Mole” for instance. The Mole “route” features Tlaxcala, Puebla and Oaxaca, cities also known for their history and culture. The routes include hotel and restaurant recommendations. It is petitioning the United Nations to add Mexico’s... | Continue reading article

foodieprints in @missfish’s Fish Bowl: Better Street Food in Ottawa

On May 19, 2009, Andrea Tomkins (aka: @missfish), published a blog in the “fishbowl“, asking why Ottawa can’t have the same variety of street foods as Toronto. The day before, Toronto saw 4 of the 8 ethnic street food vendors in its “A la Carte” program open for business. The carts served foods beyond hot dogs and fries, including biryani with lassi and a souvlaki with salad in Nathan Philips Square Here is my contribution: I?m all for diverse street food. Any ep. on has me wondering why we can?t have the same variety... | Continue reading article

“A Beijing street vendor’s steamed buns include cardboard ” – updated (July 19, 2007)

Baozi sold from a street vendor If ever anyone wondered how not to make baozi, please refer to a news article from Accordingly, an undercover investigation by a Chinese TV crew found that baozi sold in a Beijing neighborhood include a rather unsavory ingredient: treated and flavoured cardboard. The investigation surreptitiously filmed workers taking squares of cardboard, soaking them to a pulp in a plastic basin of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), mincing the pulp with a cleaver, and flavoring the resultant mixture with fatty pork and powdered seasonings. This mixture was then used to... | Continue reading article