Food for Thought from TVO’s The Food Chain and Girl Eat World #feedYourMind

Girl Eat World Girl Eat World

One of the reasons my wife and I travel is because we choose never to stop learning about the world around us. While the distance between the small suburban neighbourhood we call home and the exotic locales described by magazine articles or showcased in a major movie production may be large, the world is made smaller by increasingly affordable methods of transportation (taking us to the places we want to visit) and increasingly rich methods of communication (connecting us with people from the places we want to visit). The wonders of the online world aside... | Continue reading article

From Pot au Feu to Pho: A Look at One Dish Evolving into Another

Pot Au Feu Pot Au Feu

There are few foods as comforting as noodles on a cold day, particularly after a snowy commute home. Needless to say, I am quite the proponent of noodles, be they served on a plate dressed in cheese, egg yolks, and crisped pancetta (or better still pan-seared lardons of guanciale); or served in a bowl bathed in a long simmered savoury soup with assorted adornments (herbs, fried onion or garlic, young green stems, sprouts, flavoured oils, nuts, etc.) Noodles are actually my last meal request. Got hu tieu? One of my favourite noodle soup dishes is... | Continue reading article


Taste MTL 2013 Taste MTL 2013

What do you think of when you hear mention of “Montreal,” the second most populous Canadian city? Perhaps Old Montreal with its deeply European architecture and street feel? The beloved Habs? (C’mon Carey Price! He’s gonna backstop the team to a Stanley Cup!) There’s also internationally renowned McGill University, located right in the heart of downtown. And of course, there is the famous culinary scene. From November 1st until 11th, Montreal is hosting the second edition of Taste of Montreal. Similar to Toronto’s Winterlicious & Summerlicious and Ottawa’s WinterBites, restaurants participating in TASTE MTL offer... | Continue reading article

First Impressions: Jump

Jump Jump

Every spring, I like to get away to Toronto to re-charge my batteries. For me, it’s a mini-vacation away from the daily routine and from work. It’s a chance for me to catch up with my girlfriends, do some shopping and, of course, eat! There’s nothing like coming home relaxed with a suitcase full of new clothes and a satisfied stomach. Although my piggy bank might not necessarily agree… Because I travel during spring break, my friends are usually at work during the day, so I am left to my own devices. During this year’s... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday: Paris à vélo

I went to Paris. It was lovely. Although Parisians can be as stereotypically rude as advertised, they are not all and I managed to have a wonderful time. One of the things that makes Paris so fun to visit is their system of municipally subsidized bicycles. Known as “Vélib”, these bikes are found all over the city and are free for trips under 30 minutes, 2 euros per half hour over 30 minutes. Unlike Ottawa’s Bixi bikes, which are aimed at tourists, the Vélib system is very much used by Parisians and visitors alike. The... | Continue reading article

Feeling a little PEC-ish? Win tickets to County in the City – Updated

Did you know that there are more wineries per area in Prince Edward County than in Niagara? No?  And did you know that Prince Edward County is closer to Ottawa than Niagara? No? Well, there are and it is. This year’s IndulgePEC saw the usual suspects troop through PEC again, enjoying what this area has to offer. While I’ll be writing more, I wanted to take the time to tell you about PEC’s oldest winery. Waupoos,  an Ojibway word for rabbit, was created by Ed Neuser and Riata Kaimins in 1983 when they bought an old apple orchard and... | Continue reading article

First Impressions: Momofuku Noodle Bar (TO)

Momofuku Ramen Momofuku Ramen

Nearly two years ago, highly-acclaimed and Michelin Star-decorated New York City Chef David Chang announced he was bringing expanding Momofuku empire to Toronto. Like many excited food-lovers, I thought, “Steamed pork buns and Ramen…” “Bring it on!” Never mind the four hour drive from Ottawa. I’m completely obsessed with ramen noodles. And, I knew my noodle-loving Toronto friends would be eager to join me. But, when you’re David Chang, expectations heighten. How does one export Momofuku’s reputation from New York City? The Momofuku empire isn’t just one restaurant, but rather a group of restaurants, each... | Continue reading article

35 for Thirty-Five: A Thankful Post

This, my “I’m thankful for…” post, may be a tad tardy; especially given Canadian Thanksgiving passed weeks ago. And, my “mid-thirtieth” birthday is even longer past. But, it has taken this long to gather 35 shots as we at foodiePrints have been a tad busy. [It also may or may not be my second or third mid-thirtieth birthday…] Still, I am thankful for my friends, my family, my wife, and being gainfully employed. I am also thankful for being utterly and completely exhausted. Jenn and I embarked on quite the ride after the editor of... | Continue reading article